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This website was, and still is, designed, written, & maintained, by me, Snowbum, also known as Robert (Bob) Fleischer).  I began the website around 1998 or 1999, first posting it to the Internet in 1999.  The website is pretty much an antique now, as far as layout, fancy stuff, etc.....but is going to stay that way, so is easy to use...especially with the Search Engine I have in it for you.

The only "income" I get through this site is the from people clicking & looking at Google advertising; and, an occasional sale off my page ...and from the occasional direct donation which usually comes to me via PayPal.  The income from such is added-to by me.

The website costs me about $1000.00; or, bit more, every year.

I can't control specific Google advertisements, although I can refuse to show certain types of ads.  The income from you clicking on advertisements, and clicking on something inside an advertisement (you need not purchase anything), both of which are needed to send me a few pennies, is quite low ...BUT APPRECIATED! ...they do add up!

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What happens to donations or to the Google advertising income?
Besides paying my internet service provider, and for a quite rare piece of computer gear actually needed for the website (like a low capacity, hence cheaper, SSD, in 2018, to replace the 6000++ hours on the old Hdd), it may go towards things such as purchasing motorcycle items for testing, typically at wholesale cost.  After testing, those items are almost always re-sold by me at a considerably discounted price, and these things are usually listed at, ...and the money received is again used similarly.   Typically, I use the money several times, so the process is efficient.   I try to use the donations and clicks money carefully, for the benefit of BMW riders.  As of 2019, I am rarely doing testing anymore, particularly since website costs have gone up.

What about a situation in which the item is kept and not resold? This is extremely rare; but, when it does happen I put my own money back into the pot.

Once in awhile something is purchased, tested, and the item fails, and has to be discarded; or, is returned to the manufacturer, usually with information I provide to help them improve their product.  If they replace the product with a new good one, I sell it, putting the money in the website upkeep pot.   Yes, I really do these things!

All donations, advertising income, parts sales, etc., goes into a special PayPal account, which I use as a convenient bank for the purposes mentioned.  I also donate to that account. 

A very low percentage of readers click on advertisements.  The number of visits to my website varies, but it averages about 15,000 per month.  After looking many times at the metrics, I KNOW that it is the more rare visitor that clicks on any advertisements; it tends to be around 400 per month at best, usually considerably less.    It would be helpful if more of you clicked on advertising every time you visit my website.  The advertising is ALWAYS & ONLY at the TOP of my pages.  I do not allow Google to move its placement. If you see advertisements elsewhere on the site, it is a malware problem...please inform me what pages you saw it on, details, etc.

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If you have any comments, requests, etc., regarding the website, articles, etc, feel free to contact me! Folks that use the website have been responsible for suggesting many of the topics & article expansions over the years!  Some have even notified me of typographical and other errors.   If you see something on this website that is confusing you, please contact me!

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1.  Clicking on various Google advertisements; and, then clicking on something inside the advertisements, produces a tiny income, yes, it is a few pennies, but they do add up.   Clicking does not cost you anything but a few moments of your time.  This is the primary way this website is supported.  In a typical month, fewer than 400 people bother to click on any advertisements, out of a typical 15000 looking at pages.   Direct donations, via PayPal, are vastly more efficient, and I have received donations from $5 to $200, equivalent to many thousands of clicks ....but ALL clicks and donations are very much appreciated.

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I am very happy to say that, as I update this article on August 14th, 2019, that it appears that the number of spammers grabbing my E-address from my website is low.   I am considering dropping the use of my email image E-address.

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I appreciate it if you introduce yourself should we be at the same event, etc.

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Those are absolute policies.  Some additional ones are below.

I debated with myself for years before putting advertising on this website.  I did not want this website to be 'commercial'.   I wanted no conflicts of interest.   Due to increasing costs, particularly after I closed my BMW repair and modification shop; and, that I managed to make the site completely non-commercial; I eventually did put Google advertising on this website ....but only at the very top of the pages, in such as way that you can not mistake it as anything but advertising from companies contracting with Google.

I have never ever steered you to any company or person where I might gain personally or financially.  I will never ever accept promotional fees, special arrangements, cross-website advertising, etc., from individuals nor companies, in return for endorsing them.  These are also absolute policies.

I have a for-sale or trade article That is the only place in this entire website where I have something to directly sell (or, trade, or barter, or give away free).  There may be items on that page near the bottom that I may be looking for.  I have a link to my electronics business, which helps people who need electronic repairs to find my business.  I no longer have a business that does BMW repairs.   I also have the Lake Tahoe house for sale:

Due to how search engines operate (Bing, Google, DuckDuck, Yahoo, etc.), I would appreciate ...if you have a website ...if you would put a link to my website on your website.  Putting links on Forums, lists, etc., can be helpful to me and others.  I would prefer that link to be exactly this   The purpose of using that particular link, and not a link to my Technical Articles List, is to be sure the information is the latest edited version; and, so that the viewer will be able to see some articles, etc., only available on that HomePage.  Whether or not you put my website address as a link on your site, I will continue to recommend your site, or pertinent article, if I think it is good information, especially if it covers something I do not, or adds to my coverage.

This website is set up like a tree with branches, the top of the tree being the HomePage.  That is not the Technical Articles Index Page.

I made some changes in the last few years in coding how links work in my website, to make them more useful to you.  In a higher percentage of instances, clicking on a link inside this website that points towards any other of my pages, will cause your browser to go to the internet to fetch that page, ...& not go inside my site. Saying this differently, I have set the coding for many links in this website so that when you click on a link to something that is in my website, that opens a NEW tab page in your browser.  That makes it easy for you to switch back and forth, hopefully this is helpful to you.

This site is also coded to try to ensure that your device (Smart Phone? Desktop PC? Tablet?) is likely to be better-formatted and thus display more usably for you.   Another way of saying this is that my site is, more or less, "Friendly" for all devices.  The coding I added is not perfect, but it is simple!

There is a problem that can not be 100% dealt with, even using 'no-caching code'.  This problem is common to most websites on the Internet.   Your browser MAY cache (save) an OLD page, and that's what you MIGHT see when going to it. This is particularly onerous when using Google Chrome.  You can usually fix this in Microsoft Windows, each time, by pressing Ctrl, holding it, and pressing button key F5.  Usually that will cause a fresh loading and you will then get the latest page version.  It does not work for all browsers the same way, but do try it.  For a MAC computer, use Command  and R, or Apple and R.

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Refreshing in all common browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari, can also be done by clicking on the circular arrow someplace near the top of the page, usually to the left of the internet address (URL).

Once in awhile computers get confused, and you cannot refresh and empty the cache properly. For whatever reason, Google's Chrome browser has been the worst at this; probably because Chrome puts an enormous cache in your computer, 'thanks' to Google.  I have to clean my own cache, entirely, every few weeks ...ask me about that if you want to know how to do it best, or, perhaps you can just download Ccleaner.   Using something like Ccleaner, available for internet download as a free program, directly from the makers, Piriform, will fix things nicely. It can also be done, not as perfectly, but adequately, by using Google's erasing of history function, usually found in SETTINGS when you have the Google Chrome browser on screen.

This website was first placed on the Internet/www in 1999.  I was in my sixties.  At that time I did 100% of the website design & content by manual coding in HTML.  There were hardly any decent pre-packaged websites available back then, & I did not use any, still do not... ...and never have.   I originally designed this website to be simple, relatively easy to maintain, "usable" on any browser.  My ISP was, eventually purchased by Earthlink.  I had a 'free' 10Mb of space.  There soon came problems with that low amount of space, limits of my control, and other technical problems.  I then purchased independent ISP space & service.  I also purchased my own domain name.   The website has been greatly expanded over the years, presently it is well-over 100 Mb, which is a huge amount of content.

The primary browsers in 1999 were Internet Explorer & Netscape Navigator.  Windows 95, 98, and NT2000 were still in wide use.  Windows XP did not appear until at the end of 2001.  I won't hardly mention the abominable Windows ME, followed by the half-ass Windows Vista.  Today, while there are a lot of XP, Vista, etc., machines still in operation, we have Windows 7, 8, and 10; and Win7 is going obsolete in 2020. Just about everything has changed since the early days.  Browsers still, unfortunately, vary on how they display things to you, compared to what I might see on my monitor screen. 

My site is NOT perfect, and it is primarily checked by me for its appearance on Chrome and Firefox.  Sometimes I fail to do this after making changes.  Underlining & positioning of underlining is one of the variables, as are box & tables including their outline colors, displayed colors (especially on box edges), layout, font sizes, text wrapped around images, etc.  Somewhat after I first began this site I saw that other websites were overly using (in my opinion) drop-down boxes, and there were problems seeing what was in them without clicking or hovering-over them.  I personally like things out and in the open.  Many of the boxes did not display reasonably the same, depending on one's Browser.  While things NOW are better, back then  I decided to TOTALLY AVOID using drop down boxes and to avoid having or requiring mouse pointer hovering.  I also have eliminated almost all dynamics, except two on the homepage.   Over the years I have added a lot of photographs and sketches, as I know they are very helpful to many of you.  I also have incorporated tables, for additional clarity.  Videos/sound by me are not yet used.

One of the things I strongly regret was not, in the very beginning, incorporating CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) (also sometimes called THEMES).   Even now it is hardly used.  I have no plans to add CSS across the entire website, due to the very large amount of editing (really HUGE) work that it would take to do it correctly. The result is that there can be modest differences in layout on my pages.

Comments about any problems you have in using the website are appreciated.  Some have complained about my originally quite excessive use of fonts, colors, bolds, underlines, parentheses, etc.  I began fixing many instances of those types of things, and still do, to improve presentation as I re-edit pages.  The website is rather constantly being worked on; a week never passes without some work being done; and, often, it is a LOT of work that was done, most often it is updating technical information.

Javascript or other scripting methods have been a problem.   I did an unfortunate thing to this website in 2012-2013.  I added a very nice function (I thought, then): click on one icon placed near the top of every page & the user could automatically have the viewed page translated into nearly any language.  The Javascript had compatibility problems, so I removed it all in 2013.   If you now want a translated page function, I suggest using the Google Chrome browser, because Google's translator is very good, and the Chrome browser is settable to automatically translate any pages of any website within seconds after you put the page on your monitor screen.

My original intention was that this website was to be the repository encyclopedia for Airhead knowledge, that these bikes could be maintained and ridden for many decades after BMW stopped producing them in 1996.  I wanted to have the vast majority of information in great depth.  Any needed knowledge in addition to what is on this website could be obtained relatively fast by posting a message onto the Airheads Internet Mailing List, as hosted by  I also started to provide links, which I now do extensively, to pertinent articles, photos, & videos, done by other folks.   Later, I started adding information on Oilheads, Classic K-bikes, and sidecar rigs.  I also began to incorporate broad-category articles, particularly on electrics.

I am well-aware that this website is not used to the extent it should & could be.   Many folks that do know about it, find it 'easier' to post questions to the Airheads List or to the Airheads Facebook Page; or other popular Facebook pages for Airheads; & such as the Forums on BMWMOA, and other forum-based sites, even on  Unfortunately, altogether too often the responses are not complete enough, or result in too many 'guessing' or 'smarty pants' or other 'I just want to say anything' responses/answers from those who should not be posting; this is very particularly so on Facebook Groups, where responses are too often social or 'me too' or total guessing or even wasting-your-time type of messages.  Facebook was set-up for garbage, unfortunately.   I also doubt folks use the Airheads LIST Archives much.    I wish they would use my website more, & use my site's search function more.  However, I am, more and more, showing links to others' articles, especially those with many photos and videos.  Use of my site and a few others I show, will almost always provide the best information, over-all, for practical usage.

I put a number of my articles on the old website, under Technical Tips.  That site is no longer in existence, but the new webmasters transferred-over many of those old articles of mine.  I reviewed/edited them all in early 2016, after the new site was up and running.   After thinking things over, regarding how information is found and used; and, considering my advancing age, and, that the Club needed some revitalizing, early 2017 I contacted the Airheads Beemer Club about putting specially edited copies of nearly all my pertinent Airheads articles on their website.  Before contacting them, I had thought about having a mirror of my site, but decided against it.  I decided I needed something permanent, that could be run by others, in case I died.

The decision was jointly made, between me and the ABC Board, that most of my information, as far as Airheads are concerned, would be put on their new website. One of my strong reasons was to make the Airheads more valuable for those purchasing Club Membership; which had, then, dropped off, due to ABC board of directors problems, since fixed.

My Airhead-pertinent articles are being copied and placed on that site, specially edited, particularly to use a more standard layout and to eliminate font and color changes to the maximum reasonable amount. The ABC will get most, not all, of my pertinent AIRHEAD articles.   I expect it will be sometime in late 2021 (or even later) before most of my Airhead articles are copied and edited and placed onto the ABC site, as the editing and dealing with the .org site's Joomla software is a lot of work for me, and a lot of work for the particular webmaster at that has taken on the job of initial transferring of my articles (Mark Bogart) ...and he has a real regular job, not semi-retired like me!   I am also taking the 'opportunity' (well, a lot of labor is involved!) and doing much (but not all) of similar editing to MOST ALL OF MY PERSONAL WEBSITE ARTICLES, not just Airheads related ones.  As I type this update in August, 2019, we are transferring approximately 1 article, AT BEST, every month; and mostly much slower it is going very slowly, indeed.  ....and could take a few years.  Gives me something to do after Penny and I move in late 2019, eh?

I very much dislike Forum style discussions, and with the slow-to-download site, I am not, at least at present, after trying several times, participating, except quite rarely, on the new site Forums. That might change in the future.   As it is, most Q & A I do are on the Airheads LIST hosted by ....and some is on several Facebook Airheads pages.  I dislike Facebook due to the lack of proper archives ....and that information provided benefits only a very few at any one time.  There is considerably too much social nonsense, bad information and too much 'information' that is not information at all, but blithering; but, ...many participate only on Facebook, I do participate there; least for the foreseeable future. If I get disgusted enough, I will quit Facebook.

While I am a Member of the ABC, BMW MOA, and Adventure Riders, etc. ...It is quite rare for me to participate on their forums now.  I MAY reconsider for 2020+.

You may occasionally see other articles of mine, posted in magazines under a pen name; or, articles published on-line in the U.K., etc.  Please keep my pen-names to yourself!

This website was not intended to be short & simplified minimalist articles.  It was intended to cover things in depth.  Sometimes I do write simpler step-by-step articles, but, primarily, this website is designed to be a repository for deeply-detailed information.  Much more information than you may need at any one time is usually in an article. The disadvantage is that you might have to wade-through a lot to find what you want.  To reduce your searching efforts in my website for pertinent articles, or articles containing what you are interested in, I have included a very powerful Search Engine.  Once you become familiar with this website & its search engine, you will be able to find things easily ...and it usually returns answers that might exist in various ways in several articles.  This means the Search Engine, providing you ask it for the right information, will almost always return everything that might be pertinent.

I utilized many sources for the technical knowledge on this website.  Much came from my experiences, even as far back when the /2 models were sold new ...and, my involvement became much deeper when the /5 & /6 were the models being sold by dealers, as I was the Chief Technician & 'Head of the Shop' at a BMW dealership. For a long time I did trouble-shooting for several other shops where they had 'problems'.   In other words, I was a 'Hired Troubleshooter'.   Ever since I started working on BMW motorcycles, & even to the present time, I made extensive notes & I used a very high percentage of these notes for this website.  Information also came from my experiences from being an Owner & Wrench on a number BMW bikes (I have over 650,000 miles on BMW bikes, most is on Airheads); and, from experiences at my own BMW repair, custom, modification shop.    I collected information & made notes from information from Butler & Smith (actually some came from The Flanders Company too).   Butler & Smith were the East Coast located BMW importers/distributors before the present BMWNA.  After leaving my position as chief tech, I retained access to BMWNA-provided Technical Bulletins for many years.  I also obtained information from BMW dealerships, independent mechanics & shops, two official Friends Of The Marque (especially noticeable was my friendship with OAK, Orlando Okleshen), ....&... from owners.  I had direct access to BMWNA (two people, names will NOT be released).  I have tried, strongly, to keep up with all Airheads problems, factory bulletins, etc. ...even to the present day.

Owners' input can be quite helpful, and even a necessity, whether about some hardly-known or unknown tech or problem, or asking questions & asking for help, on such as the Airheads internet mailing list, etc.

Even after 60+ years of working on the bikes, I still learn things, & certainly I learn from teaching (Docendo Discimus).

There have been other sources come forward, ....especially since ~ 2001.  These 'other sources' are often professional wrenches; provide information, sometimes new ways of looking at things, & sometimes provide updated part numbers, information on parts fitment problems, etc.    Input from known reliable sources, such as "guru's", & other professionals, are often acknowledged by name and often by links in my website.  As noted, owners & riders also provide ideas for technical repair information/responses ...and I especially appreciate them contacting me when errors, even typos, are seen.   There are a few private owners (and a couple of stores) who are now doing excellent websites and even doing videos on repairs, restorations, etc.  I add links in this website to their articles or websites.

I had input from oil, tire and other manufacturer's from personal contacts & correspondence.  Information on fuels, oils & greases, etc., came somewhat from my own testing & experience, but I obtained major information from engineering folks involved.  This was also true for other items.  I also attended college-level & industry engineering level seminars, etc., on subjects like lubrication.  Information from engineers in various companies can be of particularly good use; many spoke freely.  Many (including my contacts at BMWNA) could have been fired for providing insider information.  That was also the case with some other sources.  The sources I could not get, that I really wanted, was to speak directly, even if unquotable, with BMW factory engineering and production folks.

Many pages in this website, including, but hardly exclusively, and, will list or link to other people's websites or E-addresses.  This does not mean I necessarily endorse them or their information.   Some of these people I have worked with personally.  I have numerous links on this website to websites or articles where I have had no or very little input, where I find information that might be valuable to you.  In some instances I even provide links to articles where I disagree.  I usually explain such.  In quite a few instances I have not done articles on some subject because they were already well or adequately done by others.   I will typically tell you where to find those articles, perhaps by a link and/or description.  In some instances I have helped others do their articles, to be published in MOA-ON (BMW-ON), or other magazines, or on-line.    I also have done seminars at BMWMOA National Rallies, Airheads TechDays, taught and otherwise spoke at SuperTech, and I expect to continue to do seminars, etc.

I have put tens of thousands of hours of labor into this website. That is NOT an exaggeration.  I continue to update & work on it.  I doubt I will ever stop while I am alive and capable.

The primary purpose for this site is still the same as always; to give you the benefit on my & other's many years of experience, & to 'pass-on' that knowledge.  My hope is that you will pass on your knowledge accurately!!!.

There is a difference, often a huge one, between what I try to do for you on this website, versus some other sites (let alone commentary on various Forums, Lists, Facebook groups, and even some articles in magazines).  Unfortunately, a few independents ...and many dealerships ...try to sell you only what they stock or otherwise sell, which may well not be what you should purchase (if anything!).

Except for, I am not trying to "sell" you something.

I think I do a good job at avoiding personal or business bias in my information on this website.

This website has always been set-up for free access for everyone. I have never blocked anyone from access; nor charged for access.

I also do articles for general information:
Two major examples on this website are , which includes a section on basic electricity; and, an article on basic oil and lubrication theory: There are other general-use articles.

As the years passed, I incorporated sections of this website for K bike owners; Oilhead owners; Sidecar owners; & some things were written for general vehicle maintenance.  I do a lot of reading, attend TechDays, Seminars, etc.  I am active on some forums & some Lists.  I am a Moderator/Administrator on some.  I cannot be an expert on all BMW motorcycles.  I have drawn the line with the last of the early Oilheads & also for bikes after the K1100 (well, maybe a bit of K1200).  I will be not be working on nor doing technical writing about the newer/newest BMW bikes; not after ~ the mid-nineties bikes.  Of course some articles are applicable to any bike, any year.  I hope my articles do not come across as my being some sort of snobby know-it-all.

I also write under two pen-names for magazines; they are almost always done in a very different style of writing.  No, you will not be informed about those magazines. If you happen to find out what the pen names are, and what magazines, please keep it to yourself!

Besides what I have already mentioned, what's up for the future for this website?

I may do a few more basic step-by-step beginner's articles.  Those new articles would be specifically written to get those new to the BMW bikes a quick education on owning, riding, servicing.  In that regard, I may also continue to modify some of my existing articles to include such.   BTW ...this site has an article describing my viewpoint on what service jobs can be done by someone, depending on their level of knowledge:

I suggest you don't fail to scan the entire HomePage. See what articles are listed towards the bottom; after wading through my photos and other commentaries, jokes, whatever; ....Many articles are not available from the Technical Articles List Page ....and, thus are easily overlooked.

I will continue to edit, update & improve existing articles.  I will occasionally add a new article when I see a need ...or perhaps you or others suggest something.   I will continue to purchase items for testing, BUT... that is now being greatly reduced DUE TO THE FALLOFF OF DONATIONS AND ADVERTISING CLICKS INCOME. The over-all trend of donations & advertising clicks has been dropping off, due to the many who are using Facebook pages and also due to use of small screen devices, whose users don't seem to 'click' (or equivalent) on my Google advertisements hardly everThe trend is increasing, and I can foresee stopping such testing, SOON.

I have thought about occasional hands-on CLINICS, which would be more intense than weekend TechDays or Seminars at such as BMW-MOA National Rallies.  I will not be organizing my own Clinics, due to my age and health.  Should there come about a yearly West Coast SuperTech, I likely would participate.   I attended, taught, and was the Keynote Speaker, at SuperTech in Pennsylvania in February 2019. I also did that back in 2011.

I dropped the idea of purchasing a video camera & setting up some sort of studio here for making how-to videos or just well-illustrated articles, because others are doing it, some quite well, such as Brook Reams.  Another great source is Boxer2Valve.  Another reason is the problem of trying to replace or edit videos that are on-line in places NOT on my website, as time goes on.
I MAY reconsider all this....because (and, especially)...

I came to realize that I may have been wrong (??) in not doing articles on such as overhauling the engine bottom end, transmission & rear drive.   Each of these three items, but especially the transmission, would require a hugely long article, in order to fully treat the subject for all years, all models, and every little or major change that came about.   There are PROBABLY less than a dozen people that do these jobs properly in the USA/Canada area.

Due to the lack of technical overhaul information that has been written & published, I think I might yet do these articles. 

June, 2019: 
I am spending the $$ (and recurring yearly costs) to incorporate SSL and other security precautions for the website, so it is less likely to be infected with malware, which might affect anyone searching the internet for, for example, my website's exact homepage address, and any address for any of my pages.   This expense came about due to injection of a complicated brute-force injection of redirection code this month, re-directing browser searches (NOT my direct address!) to Viagra and other pharma crap.

I joined the ABC in the 1990's.  For many years I have participated on the Airheads mailing list (a FREE List type service hosted by  Long before any of the current "guru's" were on that list was just about only me that was, in practice, the only major source of serious technical information on that LIST.   Some on that LIST, including the Moderators & Administrators (I am now one of those), used to have a fun 'monthly contest' on who posted the most lines of text.   I used to 'win' the contest nearly every month.  I'm verbose anyway ....just consider the length of the article you are now reading!

It was a sometimes heady, sometimes frustrating, often rewarding experience.   It really was the beginning era of mass communications capability and availability, ...including for such as maintaining Airheads.  As you can see, I tend to be verbose anyway; much of that wordiness is because I try to provide full information, including nuances, on anything I post about.  I view myself more or less as a TEACHER.  Perhaps a boring-you teacher?  YES ...I have teaching certificates & have taught in actual structured classes, at UCLA, & elsewhere's.  My courses offered a very brief synopsis, then came the detailed subject analysis, and then a wrap-up.    Fun fact (?):  Long ago I occasionally shotgun-fired 'problem questions' at students, who had to instantly reply ....all to see what it took to overload them, that is, to force them to THINK, think quickly too.   I also gave students problem questions that required an essay on just that one narrow question.  That also forced them to think, very slowly, very deliberately.   I sometimes utilized BOTH methods in class.

There are instances where I am not verbose, but overly succinct, or leave out information on purpose ...specifically pertinent are instances where I approach a subject in a way that is specifically designed by me to make the listener/reader THINK.  Thinking-through a problem is very important to be a good technician.

Some well-informed & experienced people now participate on the Airheads LIST, relieving the load on me tremendously.  There are/were a few on the Kbmw tech list.   Not to mention those who have LEARNED, and who participate in the discussions.  I TRULY APPRECIATE THEM.  It strokes my ego to think that some of their knowledge came from me.    In truth, much of the old-timers knowledge has been passed on to me, too.   It is true that in many ways we learn by teaching:  docendo discimus

Unfortunately, the various Facebook Airheads groups pages have way too much nonsense, wrong advice, bad advice, 'argumentative help' etc.  Facebook pages also are filled with 'look at me' and even extraneous items, advertisements, etc.  It takes a lot of my time to wade through it all. It's difficult for those using Facebook pages to determine who really knows things and can be relied-upon for advice.  I hoped that matured over time, BUT has gotten worse.   Facebook is, IMO, a LOUSY forum for technical advice.  Just try to find any advice a month later.  Just try to separate facts from blithering nonsense and 'guesses', not to mention getting off-topic.

I participate on the Airheads List; AirheadsBeemer Facebook & two other Facebook groups; two sidecar lists; the tech list; LeBlond Lathe list; Kbmw list, and quite rarely on forum,, and ....almost never on ADVrider, which I find to be another place for at least some nonsense & bad advice.  I do not usually participate on model-specific airheads sites, such as the R90S ....although I participate on the slash 5 site.  If I was still running a BMW repair business, I could NOT afford the time to do even 10% of what I do.

I have a commercial website, that is for my part-time small electronics repair business.   As with my BMW site you are reading this on, there are no cookies & no web-beacons placed by me in my websites.   I work a modest amount of time on electronics repairs for customers, mostly musicians.  The business is for sale, for about $15K, if you know anyone who may be interested.  If sold, I will retire to doing more BMW technical articles, and attending more BMW events.  I expect to attend barley meetings, techdays, etc.  We are, as I type this on September 3rd, 2019, ever-so-slowly moving to a rented house in Carson City, NV.  I will continue my repair shop there, eventually, unless sold (Unlikely).

I do/did a considerable amount of 'charity' work, some was through my Kiwanis Club.  Similarly, for free, I maintain computers for a few other folks, including the local Seniors Center, where I set-up and maintain/service the entire computer network. I also sub-in, now and then, as does Penny, for Bread and Broth, the Monday dinner for the homeless; and, really, anyone in need.  We intend to continue, but move most of 'charity work' to the Carson City area, in 2020.

What about the article? The article stands and speaks for itself.  It was peer-reviewed and by recognized Doctor's, specialists in prostate cancer.  It is hard-core accurate information. I try to keep it current.

Sooner or later everyone dies.   All my assets, including this website & its special account for upkeep, are held in a Trust.  My heir has instructions on what shall be done with this website after I die (or, horrors! incapacitated).  The website will continue to be available on the Internet for quite some time, but will eventually disappear (I think), due to lack of enough income from advertising clicks and donations.  What will be done with the majority of the technical articles on this website has been decided. Technical articles are publicly available and Airhead ones slowly are being placed on the ABC site as earlier mentioned in this article and for reasons of helping the Airheads Beemer Club. 

I have specified to my heir that my website its entirety (that is, as it stands presently, with the technical and personal articles), will remain on the Internet until such time that costs to maintain its presence are higher than donations & Google advertising.  Sometime after that point is reached, likely at least 1 year or more following my death, the renting of internet space from the ISP ...and domain name eventually too, ...all ...will not be renewed, & the website will disappear.  As a general policy, I pay for the Hosting costs for the website 2 years in advance.  Penny (my wife), and my brother (my heir if she dies), have been instructed to NOT have-to pay out of my General Estate for keeping the website on the internet after I die, but to continue the website so long as sufficient funds remain in my Website Account. They could keep the website running, upon request, receipt of funds, etc.  NOTE that certain presently retained copyrights will also cease, so folks will be free to do almost anything with my information.

Because folks are lazy, and don't click on my Google advertisements or donate to my PayPal account, they are the primary reason this site might eventually disappear.

Note that you can do a Google search, ...Google or some other website might even save my entire site. Do NOT count on that!  The articles on might be kept updated, don't count on that either. Do not count on all my articles being available anyplace.
You might consider downloading the entire website to some sort of storage medium.

Use my website information wisely and morally, and pass on knowledge. PLEASE TRY TO DO THAT ACCURATELY.

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