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Section 1:  Searching this Snowbum BMW motorcycle website.
Section 2:  Searching Archives of BMW Airheads Motorcycle LIST; and,
useful information for general Internet searching.
Copyright 2023, R. Fleischer

NOTE!   When I originally designed this website I failed to be consistent about naming hyperlinks to my articles.  I failed to use only lower case letters after the domain name portion of the hyperlink address.  I SHOULD have used ONLY lower case.   If you write down any hyperlink address and do not use the same exact address that I used (upper or lower case letters), you MIGHT NOT  find the page.  For instance, this page is named /search.htm in the link, but if you use /Search.htm, you may not find the page!  It is a big PIA for me to fix every instance of this in my website.  PLEASE USE THE PROPER CASE AS I WROTE IT, IN USING THE RESULTS OF YOUR SEARCH!
Addendum, dated November 11, 2021:   A change at the server level has probably fixed the problem now.

Section 1:
This section contains a Search Box for this website. You must be connected to the Internet & viewing this search page, for Search to function properly.

This page has been coded to automatically open a second window (tab) on your computer.  That will make it easier for you to go back and forth between the Search results and other pages.

Use this Search Engine, via the Search Box below, when you can not find the item you are looking for by your own manual searching through the Technical Articles Index Page; or, the HomePage [which has many things, especially near the bottom area, not available via the Technical Articles Index Page].

Boolean operators will not necessarily work properly with this search engine...but, I show the popular ones you can try in the following:

General searching (Archives, and even the Internet in general), ....a short list of Boolean Operators:
    AND is the same as  &  and  +-
    OR is the same as a vertical pipe line   |
    NOT is the same as ! or a hyphen, -
    NEAR is the same as ~
    ( ) is the same as "

Put a word or two; generally not more than three or four; for what you are searching for, into the white, wide rectangular Search Box, just below. The left side says 'enhanced by Google'.  NEXT, click in the small blue box at the right end which has the spyglass symbol. Look for results that very quickly appear. Be sure to scan (all the way down) the results of your search you must look below the Google-sponsored advertising (which displays on top...that is, first). I could eliminate the Google advertising portion of the Search results ...but that costs $.  In some instances, you may not get any Google advertising ....but, any that does show is always at the top area of the Search results. Look for the links with my website address, generally, this means this format: .htm. It is possible to search for photos, detailed information, ETC.  You will get a listing of all the pages in my website that your Search finds pertinent.

Section 2:
How to use the search function for the Airheads List archives, run by

This explains how to get to the Airheads Archives to search for a subject, who posted, the dates, ...whatever.  The URL is:
This always requires a log-in.  For log-in, you will need to sign in with your ID and password.

You can not always depend on searching by date; nor can you depend on the Archives listing of some particular date for a message to be accurate.  These things were a problem before had the LIST, & additional problems came from changing from UNIX & updating the Micapeak programs ...etc.    You can certainly try to search for an article ...perhaps as far back as quite a number of years.  Do not trust dates before the mid-nineties inside the messages, nor trust in the date of the archive.   An archives search may return multiple answers that you might well not get from 'asking' on the List.   Try to keep your search terms and method rather simple.

Reverse Sort will bring a lot of messages, in dated order if you use a message date search function. If you use multiple words in the search box, you will get messages that have these words, & not likely words that have just one or one-of-the-other words. If you use quote marks around the search word or words, you get exactly that word or words.  You can use the Operators OR and NOT.  You can use the + Operator.  Play around a bit searching the archives will be time well-spent!

General searching (Archives, and even the Internet in general), ....a short list of Operators:
    AND is the same as  &  and  +-
    OR is the same as a vertical pipe line   |
    NOT is the same as ! or a hyphen, -
    NEAR is the same as ~
    ( ) is the same as "

03/2011     :  Major revision.  Clean up page, incorporate archives information in detail, clarify.
06/25/2011:  Code improvements.
09/25/2011:  Final code improvements.  Search engine now fully optimized.
10/14/2012:  Add QR code, add language button, update Google Ad-Sense code; add more information on searching methods.
09/09/2013:  Minor cleanup for clarity. NOTHING substantial changed.
10/06/2013:  Add notes re: link finding with the search engine.  Sometime in 2013, removed language button, as the code was causing major problems.
01/06/2014:  Updated search engine javascript code, as the old code stopped working correctly.  I.E. is still iffy.
05/14/2014:  Simplify, somewhat.  In October, clean up some. I.E. working fine now.
03/06/2015:  Noticed that the search code no longer worked; made updated script. Checked functions.
12/29/2015:  Updated meta code; layout improved; narrowing, cleanup.
03/23/2016:  Updated meta code; layout again improved.  Fonts, colors.  Reverse position of section 1 and 2.
10/24/2016:  Updated metas, scripts, fixed miscl. minor HTML problems or excesses; improved clarity of explanations.
09/13/2017:  Update links, plus other changes to delete excessive HTML & reduce colors & fonts in general.
04/12/2018:  Clean up:  less html, colors, fonts.  Add 10pxl margins.
05/04/2020:  Minor cleanup. 
11/05/2020:  Minor improvements in clarity, and duplicate Boolean list, so is in two places.
06/09/2021:  Minor cleanup of search instructions.
10/02/2021:  Add red color area note, and a few very minor fixes in coding for breaks and paragraphs.
11/11/2021:  Addendum to the NOTE.
01/24/2023:  Move position of the paragraph about upper and lower case searching, to top of article, as it could be confusing where it had been placed.
08/21/2023:  Minor editing to reduce verbiage, and minor clarifications.

Copyright 2023, R. Fleischer

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