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Read all the way to the end of this article >>>>>BEFORE<<<<< contacting me!

Your technical questions may well help others.   PLEASE post them to the appropriate LIST or forum. If you contact me directly, I may tell you to take your question to a specific venue, unless you have a very good reason for not doing so.  I receive, directly, large numbers of E-mails with technical questions, and, can no longer answer them all, >>>AND, posting to the Airheads LIST benefits more than just you!

The Airheads E-mail LIST is your best source for immediate personalized technical information. You can obtain information via the Airheads internet mailing LIST by joining, and, I hope you will participate on that LIST.  I, Snowbum, is a Moderator/Administrator on that LIST.  The LIST and its ISP host do not spam you; do not sell or otherwise pass out your E-mail address; do not put advertising into your or other folks E-mail messages.
Join here:
I, Snowbum, hang out mostly on this Airheads LIST, which is completely free for you to use.

Hint:  I suggest you do NOT, when joining, select the Airheads List Digest mode, it is much less helpful than you might think.  Digest mode WILL require YOU to do considerably more editing if you are replying to a LIST message.  You may not easily see how to post a reply.  Failure to edit is VERY annoying for you AND RECIPIENTS, particularly those using hand-held devices, and excessive message length costs money for those that pay by the byte. Without proper Digest Mode editing technique you will ...or could ... post entire digests with your replies ...a big NO! NO!  

Basic editing instruction is available here.  Digest mode editing is more complicated.

OK...I'm going to be repetitive....


I am getting more and more cranky about direct E-mail messages.   More and more I am pressing DELETE, without any reply; or, I am responding to 'take it to the LIST'.  You might get a technical reply, perhaps with a request to go to the Airheads LIST for further communications.   You may get me on a day when I have been overwhelmed by folks sending me messages...and YOU get to be the one I get really cranky with.

You CAN get advice from me, and many others, on various LISTS & FORUMS.   BUT! ....I monitor & participate mostly on just the Airheads List.  For BMW Airhead motorcycle technical advice it is BEST, for ME, for you to make inquiries on the Airheads List.   Please do not make inquiries to me on Facebook, if you wish ME to answer, I SELDOM am on Facebook.  Facebook is a very poor  platform for technical replies ....and.... it can be difficult to find information a while after a thread is finished.  It is also sometimes difficult to see entire threads.  You will also likely, or possibly, get smart-alecky replies and off-the-wall responses, besides wrong advice.

I do NOT participate but quite rarely on any FORUM style sites.

Only in an instance where the information should be private, due to extreme embarrassment, or other REALLY GOOD reason, such as questions about my SALE page, etc, should you E-mail me directly.

DO NOT think that your question has probably come up so often (or so rarely) you should contact me directly.  I don't buy that  argument. POST TO THE AIRHEADS LIST!

The amount of personal mail I have received in the near past took up way too much time every day, week, month.  In some months it reached well over 100 hours of my time.   Quite a few people seem to think I have nothing better to do but to answer them PERSONALLY about their specific problems.   Instead of making inquiries at the appropriate LIST, or, even, ...taking the time to check the LIST Archives .....they are contacting me DIRECTLY.  Many do not even search my own website, which you are on right now.  There is a very powerful search engine on this site:


There ARE times when a personal note to me is appropriate, here is one of those times:

If your question TRULY fits the embarrassing, or some other best left private situation, you may contact me directly.  BY E-MAIL.

This photo is of my 1984 R100RT.  I no longer have it.  Note that it has my E-mail address in the photo.

Except in certain circumstances, mostly already named, please post technical inquiries to the Airheads LIST regarding Airheads; and NOT directly to me.  In that way, your questions (& answers which may come from several sources on that LIST, and not just me), will help more than just you.  This helps me, as the amount of time I used to spend on individual replies was huge; and, frankly, was taking up too much of the little time I have left before I die from my physical problems.  I also need time to eat, sleep, and have a life!

I have been quite happy about the responses to this article about contacting me!   THANK YOU!

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