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Fleischer's Service??
copyright 2013, R. Fleischer

There is a lengthy rambling Bio at:

The article, below, is just to explain Fleischer's Service.


Fleischer's Service is the presently used name of an existing & operating company that services mostly musician's electronics; but also does some repairs to home HiFi/stereo and industrial/commercial electronics.   It is also known as Fleischer's Electronics Service.   For complicated-to-explain reasons, an additional name, Fleischer Engineering and Electronic Services is still registered with the State of California, and was the original umbrella that owned Fleischer's BMW Service; and my other businesses.  Later, when the BMW Service business was closed, the new name for all, was the umbrella name of Fleischer's Service. But, there were problems, see below, so the official name was changed again.   The name on the business checks and on the tax filings, etc., varies. 
Konfuzed yet?  

You may want to jump to the final section of this article, the Bio section, for a bit more, then come back and read the article.

Various consolidations and names were used to separate the businesses for tax and other ID purposes.  I had several businesses, long ago.   This worked reasonably well...but:

I've had problems, mostly in the past, with Internet & phone companies, regarding the name Fleischer's Service.  For whatever reason, SOME of these IDIOTS (well, their Robot information grabbers) seem to be programmed to think that if "Service" is in the name, then I am running a gasoline service station!  It took me a LONG time to fix this....>>hard to fix when it gets sent around the Internet, posted in phone resources, ETC.   I use it seldom now, preferring to use Fleischer's Electronics Service, to avoid the hassles with those people making further mistakes.  It is UNpleasant to get woken up at 2 a.m., for someone needing a tire repair.   Just trying to get search engines on the Internet to update their files is/was a mess.  MANY internet places still list my old obsolete non-functioning business telephone number that I had from 1972 to the late nineties.  MANY of these places trade numbers between it is near impossible to remove the telephone number listing.  FURTHER:  
When I closed the last of my businesses (EXCEPT for the electronics and engineering businesses)...and moved these to my home and garage.... I changed phone numbers. I thought there was no reason to have a Yellow Pages listing, as I was going to go to Internet and Word Of Mouth advertising...and, why pay for the $$$ cost of a business telephone.

The new assigned number (that I still use as my only phone number ...personal & business), used to belong to a long-gone Lodge. It is still shown on a few search functions, and I cannot seem to get it 100% removed, although, over time, things are now much better, since as I got calls from potential Lodge customers...or on-line places wanting confirmation of the business, I correct them all, immediately.  I do try to list my business properly in various industry places & in various search engines.  Maybe in several more lifetimes it will all be 100% correct!  As of 2014, I hardly ever got any more calls for the Lodge. 

I put a website together for the business in November, 2013:

I have had other businesses (this is not a complete list):
A charter flight company that also taught flying (Fleischer Aviation Services).
An aircraft radio company (Fleischer Flight Radio).
A car audio company (Ultimate Auto Stereo) that did retail sales and installations.
A BMW motorcycle custom work shop (Fleischer's BMW Service).
A machine shop, that had two parts, one did mostly car items, the other did custom items (Fleischer's Machine Services; Machining by Flash).
An antique motorcycle repair, restoration, and buy/sell company, Fleischer Antique Bikes.

I traveled and troubleshot problems for other companies, as a representative for
several companies, including Alpine, Clarion and Pioneer. I also did this for BMW
dealerships in California, a very long time ago.

Here is a very shortened version of a Bio (biography).
If you want a full, long, boring, biography, try this:

I was an officially emancipated juvenile; out on my own with my own electronics repair business before I was 15.  I kept my base electronics repair business all these years, expanding it or contracting it, depending on what I wanted at the time.  That business was called Fleischer's Radio & TV a very long time ago (in my mid-teens!!!) with a real brick & mortar store.   When I moved to Lake Tahoe in late 1972, I first used only Fleischer Electronics & Engineering Services, as my business legal name.  That name is still registered with the State of California, for tax purposes.

I had quite a few employees several times at the various businesses.   The base business expanded & other businesses were added, some removed.    Decades later, as I headed ever so slowly towards what I thought might be retirement, I shrunk the businesses to just one.    My present electronics repair company is basically the same one I have had since a teenager.  It is a warranty station for many well-known musician's electronics manufacturer's, such as Fender, Korg, Marshall, ETC.   The balance of my work, maybe 10%, is a mixture of HiFi, commercial & industrial electronics.   I do some consulting/engineering now & then....on electronics, BMW bikes, computers and peripherals.   

To make this clear.....I no longer solicit any type of BMW motorcycle work for others.  I still do a few things now & then for old-time customers and friends, but not as a regular business. I will NOT take on more BMW work, except for advice.

I had several lengthy careers, one was in the military & I worked for two U.S. Government three-letter Agencies.  During those many years (30++), I was, for lengthy periods, in BOTH in the military, AND working for an Agency, AND assigned to civilian companies for special projects.    Since you are probably reading this on my website because you are a BMW motorcycle owner, you probably also know that I apprenticed myself to some BMW motorcycle dealerships many decades ago, and worked at Winklemann's BMW; initially part-time as an apprentice tech but finally as chief technician and head of the shop.   I've been very heavily involved with BMW motorcycles in a number of ways since the fifties.   I seldom to never work on Oilheads, and quite rarely I have worked on Classic K bikes.  I have done a fair amount of custom sidecar work.  Before I got heavily into BMW motorcycles, I had other makes of bikes, and eventually had a vast collection of antique bikes, all gone to museums now.

I am still in a slow process of moving towards retirement.   I still work a few hours a week, mostly on musician's equipment, but also some HiFi, & some industrial. I am on the Board of Directors of a local Kiwanis Club, heavily involved in the Club's projects. 

Contact me if you are interested in electronics parts, repaired and not picked up HiFi items, etc.   I also have many thousands of parts.   I have a garage full of items.  Test equipment will be the last to go; preferably with the business itself sale.  If you want a business...I will consider selling it all, intact, for $12 K to $15 K.

Fleischer's Electronics Service is on the web as
There is also a Bargain-Basement section to that website.

Contact me at:


copyright 2013, R. Fleischer

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