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Classic K-bike fork oil requirements

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Drain and refill amount

Refill amount if fork is fully clean & dry

K75 Showa 

 L & R

410 cc

420 cc

K75 BMW; K100 8 valve

L & R

330 cc


K75 SPORT (S);
K100 sport versions

L & R

280 cc

Sport Suspension has a S stamped on top of the fork leg.

K100 8 valve


K100 RS/T/LT

L & R

360 cc


16 valve models:


K1, K100RS

L & R

380 cc

400 cc  (up to 450 on K1)

K1100LT; K1100RS


350 cc

400 cc

K1100LT; K1100RS


350 cc

400 cc


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