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Snowbum's Sale (and Wanted) page

This is the only page in this entire website where I am offering to sell/barter/buy/trade.  Things I WANT are listed at the very bottom of this article.
© Copyright 2020, R. Fleischer

You may contact me at:

Due to my health problems together with old age problems for both of us, ...and because Penny no longer wanted to live in a big snow area; .....Penny and I sold (and gave away much of the furniture) most of what we owned when still living at South Lake Tahoe.  Much of 2019 was devoted to this.   Original intention was to move to a CCRC in Milwaukie, Oregon called Rose Villa........but there were NO garages/workshop space there.  I hated the idea, but, realized I was just not up to the type of riding I wanted to do, and, thought I could live without a workshop.  Bye Bye went the big machinery, bikes, my Kawai grand piano.....etc.   After being on the waiting list for a long time (~2-1/2 years) for that small cottage at the CCRC,  we came to realize that circumstances at the CCRC had greatly changed, and we'd likely be into our nineties before we got a place there.   We made the decision .....we moved to a somewhat smaller house, a rental, in Carson City, NV, only 30 miles away, but had only small amount of snow in the Winter, and had a modest-sized two-car garage....which left room for a small electronics shop, our one car...but, no motorcycles nor sidecar rig. 

Besides my largest-sized machinery, household furniture, etc., I sold my last-remaining motorcycle, the 1995 R100RT, and I sold  the K1100LT-EZS/EML sidecar rig ....and most of my BMW parts ....and many BMW tools.  I kept a few BMW items and most of my hand tools and some small power tools ....including almost everything from the electronics repair shop.   I kept an almost new Schuberth helmet (shown below) used in my recog-safety article, and a lot of my sports things (ski's, etc).

I built a new shop for electronics repair work, chores, etc.  We did a lot of changes to the rental house, upon approval by our landlord, and expect to live out our lives here.    Penny is quite happy, I am accepting of the situation, and we are doing our best to enjoy what years we have left.  We are in our early eighties, and still active.

Here is a direct link to more stuff:

1.  For Sale!   This is my almost brand-new Schuberth helmet.  Purchased just barely before my medical problems suddenly arose.  It has been worn three times, total is about 200 miles.  No scratches, great condition.  Only change from brand new is that I have sealed the top vent open for maximum air flow in quite hot weather, and, removed sensors wires, of which there is no trace of having been there (for use in developing my article: ).   This helmet comes with the original box, original soft-cloth bag, original paperwork, owners booklet, etc.  It is a C3Pro, is, of course, DOT, etc., approved, and the color is high visibility Fluorescent Yellow, one of the two colors that tested best for safety (the other is a sort of a green lime and yellow mix, and not all that attractive, IMO).  The size is 57-M-7-1/8. It retailed for $799, and I actually paid nearly that much for it.   It may be, arguably, the best-ever helmet.    I am asking only $200 for it.    I'd rather someone get it than it sitting on a shelf here, reminding me of my riding days.   If you want what may well be the best & safest lid. ...this could your chance; especially at a super bargain price.    Sell, trade, barter, whatever me, get this lid out of here!

2.  This is a dual-squirrel-cage type of air blower, with a powerful capacitor-start motor, with 3 selectable speeds.  I used this in my BMW shop, and at my personal home garage as my engine cooler ....for Airheads, and even K bikes, etc.   It was converted from a house heater blower (I've done maybe a dozen of these for friends over the years).  Has tilt board in front, so aiming for Airheads cylinders is automatic.   PRICE REDUCED TO $35.    This is vastly better than a circular fan; isn't likely going to break or ever wear out, etc.  It's sitting in my patio area, and I'd like to get rid of it.


3.  This is a Vixen spark plug cleaner, often called a spark plug blaster.  Made by Wudel, standard of the industry.  Used on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and aircraft.    In good operating condition.  Complete with the 2 pound box of cleaning compound as in the photo on  the left...and I also have a bag of cleaning compound, maybe 2 pounds.   There is enough compound to last you numerous lifetimes. You seldom have to add any to the blaster, as the compound is quite hard and does not wear much.  I suggest you mount the unit to the end of your workbench, rubber insert end UP.   The blaster is easy to use, just plug your compressor hose into it and push the spark plug into the rubber washer area, and then move the spark plug about a bit (rotate and wobble) in the rubber washer while pressing the pushbutton in the B (blasting) position of the wire 'valve switch' on the side, for maybe 10 seconds......then repeat, after moving that wire 'valve switch' to the air-only position.  I can't remember if this is the original cloth bag, or one my wife made for me; or, maybe it was the 564-1201 bag we had in the shop on our other cleaner, a different but nearly identical model; ...but the bags last for decades and are very simple to make anyway .....I think all the parts are still available for these Vixens....but, nothing hardly wears but the bag and the top rubber washer (both of which last for a VERY long time).     BTW...I used 90# of air pressure, but it works OK on less (and works best on more), and the air flow needed amount is not much, so almost any compressor will work, especially if a 150 PSI type.   BE SURE TO WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES.  You do NOT need very much blasting compound (which is very hard stuff, and works vastly better than common sand) in the bag...maybe 20% to 30% filled.   When finished....takes maybe 20 seconds total for blasting and A (air) cleaning position....then remove spark plug and thoroughly clean it, INCLUDING ITS THREADS, with your air hose nozzle.  If any question about grit in the threads, clean the threads with a fine gauge brass brush.    I suggest you do not bend the outer electrode this means not to try to adjust the spark plug gap.   Whenever needed, you can move the wire lever a bit and use a finger tip to move some blasting media from the bag to the blasting chamber.   Some videos on the Internet are not very accurate on how to use the Vixen style blaster.  Be sure to rotate/wobble the spark plug during the blasting and cleaning modes, and thoroughly clean the threads afterwards.  DO NOT forget the safety goggles!!!! 
$25, plus shipping.


4.   "R100RT" ??...YES>>>but it says on the base that it is a R-100-S,
produced as an RT, I think it is a 1979 model. Made by Guiloy.        
You can have it for what it cost me, a long time ago, $58.

5.  Below is a quite rare metal model of the famous WWII Zündapp KS750, in 1:10 size, with sidecar (mit beiwagen).  It is of very high quality made by Schuco (Germany), and is unique and special.  This is not a plastic model, but high quality and movable parts die-cast metal model.  It is heavy and substantial, with great attention to details.  Yes, the parts move, rotate, etc. The underside of the original box shows the extensive specifications.  These, complete, rarely are found for sale ....very particularly with the original box, etc.   This was removed from the box for the photos, otherwise it has never been unboxed.  In original box these are super pricey on such as Ebay.  I am asking $98, same as my original cost (before shipping charges) to me, long ago.  I can ship this, in a large substantial cardboard box, properly packed, to avoid damage in transit.

6.  Garmin 6-1/2 inch screen GPS, set up for use on RAM ball mounts.  Price reduced to $40.

NOTE:  I have a box of various RAM mounts....ask!

7.  A lot of single engine aircraft owners manuals; E6B and E6D computers, old Jepessen books, ETC ETC.  FREE to a budding young pilot.


9.  Computer item:
ATI Radeon Graphic Accelerator card.   Complete with packaging, box, instructions, and installation disc.  Does NOT need a fan, has its own gold plated large heat-sink.  A nice item!   ATI Radeon 9550 AGP   256 Mb DDR2 8X.     There are several versions of the 9550, this is the best one.  Just plug it into a slot in your computer. Especially nice if you have integrated video and want to upgrade for such as more intense graphics or gaming work, large monitor size, etc.   NEW; Tested and Guaranteed!   I was going to put this brand-new unit in my computer, then decided to purchase a computer for which it won't fit.  $20. I'll include shipping.  Might consider just making it FREE!

10A.  Cheap!
Padded camera case.  NICE condition inside and outside.  $2.   You pay USPS shipping.  Estimated package weight: just under a pound.  Size is about 5-1/2" x 5-1/2"


10B. FREE!  RF modulators.  I have two of these.  They plug into a wall power socket. These convert audio and/or video signals so that you can use any TV (output is selectable for Channel 3 OR Channel 4).  Input can be a Wii, VCR, Video camera, DVD Disc player, FM receiver, any of the popular game boxes, ETC.   You simply connect the audio and video output of your goody, to the input of one of these RF modulators.  Inputs provided include Right and Left audio, and Video (including a separate S-video jack too).   My price is: $5 each. Plus shipping.   These are small, and easily fit in a flat rate postal box.  If you take both, I will toss in some cables.

10C.  For Olympus D500-L or D600-L:  extra memory cards, A.C. Adapter C-7AU, manual, etc.  Price reduced to $10.00 + shipping for all of it.  I no longer have the camera, it was accidentally destroyed...boooo hoooo (dropping things from high up will do that).

10D.  My personal hunting of the rare Barry Wood (COLT) folding knifes.  I'll eventually get around to putting some photos of it here.    These keep going up in value, and are unique, but, especially, functional.  Whilst awaiting me to take photos, just hunt for 'Barry Wood Colt U1050 knife', on the internet.  Or just go to

11.  LARGE Bureau of Standards type of fan-style dynamometer A.C. voltmeter, mirror scale, jeweled bearings, and in original wood-case with leather handle, etc.  An antique, but in perfect working condition, and extremely accurate.  Suitable for actual use or for a museum, these are valuable for their preciseness; and, especially, the dynamometer style of movement which eliminates errors normally and regularly found in regular analog or digital meters due to waveform distortion.  Accuracy is approximately same as a modern digital meter on a clean signal! Price reduced to $150. GUARANTEED!

12.  Antique, but functioning well, Precision E-200C RF signal generator, with a stabilizing temperature control setup inside that I installed; $60.

13.   Some older hifi equipment personal stuff.  Some is gone already.  Still have the am/fm receiver/amplifier, not sure what else. Will be priced to sell.  I think there is a cassette player and CD player.  The expensive Sony pro-T-T is gone; but I have another turntable available.... much cheaper, but functional.

14.   HOW BIG IS YOUR EGO? This is a very unique custom-made one-of-a-kind jewelry piece.  This is a very heavy (LOTS of real gold) Dragon pendant, with a special ruby 'tongue' and nostrils, a diamond in an eye, and every one of the dragon's claws has a diamond of good quality.  On a postal scale the dragon and its gold chain will weigh 3-1/2 ounces.  That's not Troy weight (which is about 2.25 troy ounces) (converting it to PURE 24 ct gold for you it is about 1.31 Troy ounces of PURE gold).  Go check for the latest gold price.  This is heavy and massive.     I have all the specifications that I can e-mail if you are really interested.  It is available for sale or trade; ~$9,000.   It's melt-down (ugggh!) value varies with the price of rubies, diamonds and gold.  The dragon was originally purchased by ME as a thin gold dragon shell, designed and made by a craftsman in the Virgin Islands, where I purchased it in person.   I had it filled with gold and had the diamonds and rubies added ...all this by The Jewelry Factory; the exact same place, by the exact same person (Bob Lindner), who made most of Liberace's fancy jewelry.   I INCLUDE the paperwork from The Jewelry Factory!  This is a very special piece; and with the price of gold and custom pieces is worth an increasing amount of $.     I have had a most difficult time trying to photograph it, as the shiny reflective surfaces tend to look black or otherwise be distorted, and the diamonds reflection makes them look out of focus.  The photos are the best I've been able to do with my not fancy digital camera equipment...and do not show the large ruby tongue and diamonds very well at all, nor the sharpness of the piece.


The brilliance of the diamonds did not help matters in trying to take these photos.  It would be worse now that I have polished the gold. The dragon itself is about 2 inches by 2-1/2 inches, maybe a bit more.  You really need to see this piece in person.  It is large, heavy, and only someone with an EGO (like mine?) would wear this.   It is listed with more information, on this website under


End of my list, for now.  I have a lot more 'stuff'.  I'll try to get around to taking photos and posting them into this article in 2020.

Things I'm interested in getting (trade/barter ....and/or ...I will pay cash or add cash as appropriate):

1.   BMW SNABB Katalog that is marked on the rear cover outside as 01-01-9-796-621.

2.   Replacement for my awfully well worn SNABB Katalog which is 01 09 9 796 332  1.5 V/81

3.  BMW factory service manual and perhaps parts manual, for 1981+ R65, and OK if it also covers R80ST, etc.

4.  Battery powered motorcycle or even a scooter.  Does not have to be powerful enough to be allowed on freeways, although that would be nice.    Right now, just a wild left field idea for something to get me around a bit.

5.  USB hub, POWERED type.  4 or more USB-A connections at a minimum (other USB connection jacks are OK, if there).  I don't care if the hub is USB 2.0 or 3.0.   I will be needing this for my upcoming revamping of my BMW website system.

For anything on this entire page:   I may trade/barter.  I also may dicker on combining things!  Ask or make me an offer.

Acceptance Mark

After we agree about an item and its shipping; you can pay in several ways.

By PayPal:
Click on this link: which is a photo which shows my full E-mail address which is also my PayPal account number.  If you send PayPal funds as "personal", "gift", or similar, I do not have to pay their fees.

Go to, or just use the PayPal logos in this article & pay using my e-mail address as to where you are sending the funds.  I can also send a money request to you through PayPal, but my last try at that made me pay their fees.

By personal check or cash (please do NOT send cash via snail mail) or United States Postal Service Money Orders (which I can cash and pay for your item's shipping at the same time at the Post Office).  If you wish to send me a personal check or bank draft, money order, etc., my new mailing address is:   R. Fleischer; 1903 Teal Drive, Carson City, NV, 89701.  ALWAYS let me know how you wish to pay, AHEAD OF TIME. 

The United States Postal Service has been improving its "Service".  Internet tracking is standard for most all mail, as an example.  I always go to for the latest information before quoting you costs.  I usually ship things to USA addresses via Priority Mail or First Class, or the new version of Parcel Post (if still available).

I ship most packages out of the U.S. by First Class Package International for the lowest postal rates.  Insurance for that type of shipping may be available now.

For international mailings, there is also Priority Mail or Express Mail where insurance & tracking are available; although that type of service usually costs much more than First Class Package International.   "First Class Package International" shipments seem to take from 2 weeks to 5+ weeks.  I will NOT ship First Class Package International to international locations without YOUR understanding that shipment might take as long as 5 weeks, sometimes more.  I WILL provide, upon your request, a copy of the mailing receipt, as proof I mailed the item; plus, whatever type of proof of shipment is available (typically via Internet tracking).

For very expensive items there is a USPS service called Insured-Registered mail, which is very secure for expensive items, whether domestic or foreign; it is rather typically slow.

Sometimes, UPS is considerably cheaper than USPS, sometimes that is reversed.  I usually check both, and often also check Fedex.

I almost always provide the Internet tracking number and information (when available or if purchased) to anyplace I ship to.

© Copyright 2020, R. Fleischer

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