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Krauser 4 valve cylinder heads & pistons.
For BMW Airheads Motorcycles
Copyright 2020, R. Fleischer

NOTE:  If you are trying to build an Airhead with very high power output, you may well want to consider using the Krauser 4 valve heads.  You may want to read the following article: are a few hints:
Use the Krauser MK2 heads....they are much better for lower valve noise and stability, etc.  Use an R100 series engine.  Use the Clutch and transmission from a 1982 and later.  Consider using a Siebenrock 1070 kit (it has very light pistons too) and a performance camshaft to match that kit. Use at least 9.8 compression ratio, and if the fuel is available, use about 10.3 (but not higher).  I suggest a lot of modifications to the entire motorcycle, including brakes and suspension.

Below are a collection of scans of original Krauser information.  Plus a link to a Facebook Group.  I times,  ...add commentary to this article about installing and using these heads....ETC!

Krauser Facebook group:

Installation manual, on-line format:
Not a Dropbox member?  A Notice may (or may not!) ask you to sign in or join.  After a few moments, that either drops away & the manual appears; or, there is a place in the Notice, to click to view the manual.

There is a fair amount of Krauser company products literature here:

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Copyright 2020, R. Fleischer

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