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Copyright 2019, R. Fleischer

The last of the "original" yearly SuperTech series, as organized by Todd Byrum & Bob Sipp, was held in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, January 31-February 2, 2014. Todd & Bob then retired from putting on that event.

That original yearly SuperTech series was replaced by the Maryland Airheads Supertech for awhile, & it was held in Easton, MD.

NOW ....IT'S BACK!   ....The Pennsylvania Supertech is happening again! the same original place in Pennsylvania.

Supertech 2019 is scheduled for the weekend of February 1-2-3, 2019,  at the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles at 85 South Walnut St., Boyertown PA. 

The Boyertown museum was always a wonderful venue to hold this event. They have many new vehicles and renovated spaces; and, rooms, etc., for Supertech. So even if you’ve been there before there’s more to see.

I, Robert Fleischer, aka Snowbum, will be the keynote speaker for 2019. I guess my appearance as teacher and keynote speaker in 2011 was not as bad as I thought ....because I have been invited back ....I shall try not to get a (further) swelled-head.  Maybe they want to get me before I croak of old age!  :-)

I have gathered some ideas and recommendations for what folks would like me to have in a seminar or two (I plan to do some teaching); my specialty is, of course, electricity and electronics.  In particular, since I will be the Saturday dinner night keynote speaker, what you might want me to talk about that night.  Always interesting to try to keep an audience focused on a Speaker....while they indulge in a drink or three.  So, if you have any ideas, comments, etc., for February 2019, here is a link to my E-address: email-image.

For 2011, the most requests were for me to talk about myself and my background (yes, really), which I merrily did verbosely, as is my style....helped along by a PowerPoint presentation I had made.  Luckily, I had a back-up CD...because my USB 'thumb drive', "disappeared" during my pass through Security at the Airport (', you can't wear that around your neck, put it with your tray stuff....').  I may be able to avoid having a PPT presentation this time!
I still probably have the information in some other format, to amuse myself in my Old Age (which also arrived recently).
I will do a Sunday morning 2-1/2 hour seminar on Airhead general electricals and also Ignitions...and maybe more....maybe a surprise or two.  Keeping folks occupied during the Banquet will be on my mind (whatever is left of it).   Maybe I will do a video of how I used to go about testing tires and types of oils for Airheads....[OK, just kidding].

I can forward a copy of the Friday-Saturday-Sunday Schedule. 

What follows below, is what the old Supertech was like .....

Being invited to teach at the original SuperTech was an honor.  Being asked to not only teach, but to be the the featured (keynote) speaker for the Saturday evening dinner was triple the honor for me.

SuperTech was held on a weekend each February in the Boyertown area of Pennsylvania, about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia.   For years it was held at the Museum (see above photo).  The weekend was filled with technical seminar sessions.  About 60 Airhead owners and wannabe's would attend.  SuperTech is about BMW Airhead Motorcycles, plus the camaraderie.     Training sessions (or, call them seminars) were extensive & could be intensive, on how various parts of your BMW Airhead motorcycle operate, & on how to maintain various sections or items; or even overhaul items on your Airhead BMW Motorcycle.  Some Seminar information was typically carried over by attendees for other bikes, cars, whatever, in their life.

A very complete set of cutaway mechanical items, cleaned of course, of such as crankcases, rear drives, transmissions, even mufflers, was always on hand for you to look at and get your hands on them!    Perhaps contrary to other events you have been to SuperTech you were encouraged to touch, feel, & experience!

The Saturday evening banquet had a special Keynote Speaker.  Snowbum ...that's me ...was that person, for the February 2011 SuperTech.

Specific information on attending SuperTech was published in the Airhead Beemer Club's monthly magazine, AIRMAIL.  It was also announced on the Airheads LIST, etc.   Attendance was LIMITED, & typically filled-up early, with a waiting list.

Below are some photos from SuperTech 2011.  The lamp made for me, Snowbum, by Al Vangura, may he rest in peace.  I cannot mention Al, or this lamp, or even read this paragraph, without getting emotional.

The lamp, the shop coat, & the wine, was presented to me at the Saturday banquet.  These are treasured things for me.   The wine is labeled with the Airheads Simple by Choice logo, titled Slash 5 Merlot, & also marked 'From Estate Grown /5 Brake Fluids' (yes, no /5 came with brake fluids).  I promised to wear that special shop coat at all TechDays, no matter where, that I attended.  I have done so, with pleasure!   I have not opened the bottle of wine;....what does /5 brake fluid wine taste like, anyway?

One of the cut-a-ways at SuperTech ...yes, it works; yes, you can play with it .....& are encouraged to do so.


This is the Alternator test & instruction setup.  Run by an electric motor.  Fully functional.  Snowbum used this during presentation of his Seminar.

One of the Seminar rooms.
NOTE the cutaways on left side tables ...there were MANY MORE, not seen in this photo.

Another view.   There was also another table, not in these photos, full of cutaways.

Below are a few photos of more cutaways...there were MANY not shown here.

A cut-a-way of the oiling system:







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