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Sidecar and Trike Resources List.

Copyright, 2012, R. Fleischer
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More information, especially DETAILED alignment and set-up, will be found in:

See also for sources for nearly anything Airhead, and some K bike, but not specifically sidecars.

There are manuals, etc., available from various sources, such as the USCA is called Driving a Sidecar Outfit ...often called the "Yellow Manual".

There is also a large size booklet that was a translation from German that has a lot more technical information, called "Riding with a Sidecar".  This was translated and is available in America.  It has a LOT of quite detailed information on alignment!  That booklet's information was digitalized and together with other quite valuable additional materials were available from Dr. Hal Kendall before he passed away.  He had a LOT of information (4 manuals) available on ONE CD he produced ...which UPDATES that manual ...or, better said, IS the updated manual.    This CD is entitled:   Sidecar Manual, Sidecar Operator Manual, Sidecar Catalog, Riding with a Sidecar.  Long before Dr. Kendall passed away, he made all these excellent books available for FREE ....all 4 of the books, at

The information from 3 of Dr. Kendall's manuals is also available for free at:

Here is a URL for the URAL version of the sidecar riders book...similar to the 'yellow book':

I have some disagreements on a FEW points in most of the 'how-to-drive' books, and with the organization, Evergreen, and its policies.
I get into this in my article:


The A.M.A. has a page with a listing of sidecar and trike companies, etc., that deal with handicapped riders/drivers.
That URL is:

National Handicapped Motorcyclist Association
315 W. 21 street
Ste 6F
New York, NY  10011

This next link has a lot of sidecar information.  Few seem to know of this website. It was originally set up for disabled drivers, but has greatly expanded.

Electric shifting items (and, do contact Lowell Neff, listing a few paragraphs below here):
Adaptive Motorcycling
PO Box 36
Stockholm, WI 54769
(715) 442-2069

As far as I know, the old Tomco company which made all sorts of rigs, etc., for handicapped riders, was bought out by

Titan Engine Works, sidecars, Ronald Campbell, 747 Gunnison Ave. #7; Grand Junction, CO
Ron is a representative of the USCA, and is at 225 S. 13th Place, Grand Junction, CO  81501, 970-241-1325.  Ron has been sidecaring, etc., for many decades.

Pingel Enterprises, who have been around for a lot of years,  have available electric up/down shifters, bolt-on affairs, kits to fit various makes and models.
2072  11th Avenue
Adams, WI   53910

Lowell Neff (Neff Design & Engineering)
Custom and stock fabrication, especially good at handicapped items and leading link forks, wheels, and subframes, etc.
Quality stuff!   Lowell's stuff is excellent; some is quite innovative; and he does vastly more than just handicapped stuff:
Box 475, Dragoon, AZ  85609
Lowell also has a website.  BEST to telephone him.   Lowell is handicapped himself, lives in the middle of the desert at the southeast corner of Arizona, and is QUITE the craftsman, you would be astonished at his machine shop, etc., and his competence and quality of his products.

Sideffects (Steerite conversions).  They also do frames, wheels, hand conversions, hitches, rigs in general.  they are in Kamloops, B.C., Canada

The following information has not been personally confirmed by me, but comes from Al Olme:
The above "Steerite" modification that was available from Side Effects of Kamloops, BC. Side Effects has been absorbed into Metalmorphasis, a custom fabrication shop that belongs to the son of the guy who ran Side Effects. Here's the contact info...

Brock Smith
Kamloops, B.C.
V2B 4B9
Tel: 250-571-6146

Jay and Tara Giese
2328 Roosevelt Ave
Enumclaw, WA 98022
(866) 638-1793 | (360) 825-4610


Mr. Sidecar himself, with experience going back MANY decades in building, racing, etc... is Doug Bingham.  VERY knowledgeable!
Side Strider, Inc.  
15838 Arminta Street, Unit 25
Van Nuys, CA  91406
(818) 780-5542
FAX (818) 780-1587
NOTE:  Doug died in early 2016.  The site was still up the last time I checked, November, 2016.

Wuma Inc. "By Guenther"
6891 W  US Hy 150
Fredericksburg, IN 47120
Guenther Wuest, who overhauls transmissions, HAS A CONVERSION TO THE BMW 5 SPEED TO GIVE A REVERSE GEAR.  It is $2500 or so to do this, probably includes a full overhaul.  The reverse conversion is a full driveable gear, and uses an electromagnet for the shifting to prevent accidental engagement.  Neutral ends up between reverse and first, all forward gears are shifted UP.  A LOT of internal transmission parts are new, or are machined.  14 gears!  Shifting gears are undercut for easy shifting.  Changes are also made to the cover plate and housing, and a switch is put on the handlebar.  Ratios end up as 6 in reverse, 4.26 in first, 2.85 in second, 2.07 in third, 1.67 in fourth, and 1.50 in fifth.

Questions sometimes come up about the Chang Jiang rigs.  For a reasonable and decent history, see:

Custom trailers, Ural wheels, accessories, ...sales and service on Ural and Royal Enfield, ETC.   Gene Langford, dba Holopaw Corvette, Inc., (407) 892-1901.   

There are a lot of companies doing sidecar work.  If you don't see what you want on my URL and this sidecar page, ask me....or ask the SCT LIST!....huge amount of experience and knowledge on that LIST!!...see just below:

A wonderful resource is the Yahoo Groups Sidecar e-mailing LIST.....called SCT2.  Sign up at Yahoo.  This is a world-wide group.    This group has a diverse membership, and there is almost nothing about sidecars that is not known by LIST Members!

Sidecar group in the United Kingdom (England), they have been around a very very long time:

For manufacturer's involved with sidecars and trikes in general, resources such as the above Sidecar LIST (SCT2) on Yahoo, and industry websites, are easily found.   SEE the url.htm link in item #1, above, for some.

There are also well-known manufacturer's of trikes, such as Lehman Industries.

This site has a fabulous collection of hundreds of photos of old 3-wheelers.  Try clicking on the several galleries near the top.  This is a source for LOTS of photos of old time motorcycles AND sidecars, etc.


For hard-to-find antique and other sizes of car tires for sidecars and tugs:

CarShoez (check the internet).

Coker tire company.  Coker has, for decades, been purchasing old tire molds from various mostly famous tire makers, Coker makes their own tires using those original molds, & the tires are good.   Coker also has fairly modern to very modern tires; plus, tires also just for show purposes.


Join USCA, the United Sidecar Association.  The USCA publishes a very nice slick magazine, with color photographs, sidecar enthusiasts information in depth, travel stories, workshops, where to find things, events calendar, for sale/trade etc.  Yearly and monthly events, etc.  The USCA has a Yahoo Groups website. Join the Group! click on the small print place that says MORE....and click on files, etc....look around the USCA also has a Facebook site,

Sidecar-related sources on the Internet:
I have shamelessly copied this Claude Stanley list from the SCT LIST noted above.  Check the site for the latest list, as I don't publish the latest one here very often.
NOTE:  Claude Stanley's sidecar company is a super good source for work, building a sidecar rig, setup, and most anything.         is Claude's homepage.

previously Claude's business was called  C Stanley Motorsports Inc. at Freedom sidecar L.L.C.

NOTE!....these addresses, below, are NOT ALL hyperlinked, so you should copy them!


I have not yet used this product, but it sounds intriguing.   Many a time we sidecarists put on car tires, or change tire sizes fairly radically.   This can effect speedometer and odometer readings considerably.   So can modifying drive ratios.   Those with mechanical speedometers/odometers have choices of  modifying them, or some other means of recalibration.  Those that have such as toothed wheels and magnetic pickups...or Hall devices pickups...etc.....either must modify the electronics of the speedometer-odometer (sometimes the speedometer can be adjusted and the odometer is a fixed method, such as the stepper motor on a BMW K model bike)....or find another method...or accept the errors.  This Australian company makes a digital, ADJUSTABLE electronic divider box, just for this purpose:   I did not see it on their website, when looking at it in early'd have to ask.

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copyright, 2012, R. Fleischer

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