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Sidecar Clubs & Groups,
On the Internet, ETC.
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I have restricted this list to sources that, from examination, appear to be active; or, likely to, again.  NOTE, however, that Yahoo Groups is undergoing a massive change of ownership and policies, and there may be many I deleted that will re-appear under new URL addresses, eventually.  Usually quite active.   Claude Stanley's sidecar company, basically.    United Sidecar Association website; links to Hal Kendall's free books...etc.
There is a Flexit article on my website:  CLICK Group exists, with about 100 members, but has not been active recently. A fun group, has/had a yearly Rally, more or less is part of USCA.  Active at times.
Western USA USCA chapter; very small amount of traffic, quiet since 2016.
Irregular traffic.  Group may have moved to Suggest checking both sites.  Vetter Terraplane sidecars.   Active group.  Site is devoted to anyone interested in road going, non racing type, High Performance Sidecars (HPS).

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