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UNfortunately, in December 2019, Yahoo made a huge change in its Groups policies, and eliminated files and other documents, photo galleries too, in ALL its Groups.   The Groups then, in my opinion, were hardly worth using, and I slowly removed my positions as Member, and Moderator, on some of them.  Scheduled for December 2020, by Yahoo, they will be ELIMINATING all such Groups.  I am completely removing all references to all Yahoo groups in this website.   NOTE THAT MANY OF THE YAHOO GROUPS SITES HAVE MOVED ENTIRELY TO .IO; SO AS TO REGAIN FUNCTIONING.  I SUGGEST YOU LOOK INTO THIS.  Site is devoted to anyone interested in road going, non-racing type, High Performance Sidecars (HPS).

10/14/2012:  Add QR code, add language button, update Google Ad-Sense code.
sometime in 2013, the language button was removed due to problems.
03/28/2016:  Update meta codes. Wee bit of checking links.
11/14/2016:  Update metas, scripts, layout, check many links.
04/21.2018:  Check ALL links; remove dead ones, add more comments.  Improve layout.  Reduce HTML, colors, fonts. Add 10pxl margins
01/22/2020:  Update ...add note regarding Yahoo Groups, etc. 
02/17/2020:  Remove all references to information and addresses (URL's) for all Yahoo Groups.
10/12/2020:  Update

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