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BMW Airhead Motorcycles.

Schematic diagrams for R90S,
R60S, R75/6, R90/6.  For 1975
& into 1976 in various formats.

Copyright 2020, R. Fleischer,1976.htm

If you want a sketch with the wires in actual color, etc., try here; but it is much less detailed than my schematics, below....but...this is one of the best wiring diagram artworks in color that I have seen, and I recommend you save it, besides mine!

For a .pdf of the below schematic for the R90S, R60S, R75/6, R90/6;  Click

Below is the same schematic, but in large .GIF format.  Larry Simko provided me the original artwork for the below sketches, for which I thank him, and I have left his name at the bottoms.    It will not initially appear to be very usable on a modest, even larger screen, as initially presented.    It should be expanded in your computer's imaging program as needed in order to see the fine details.     If you do not know how to do that, or how to tell your browser to ZOOM, then use the above clickable .pdf version.  Most browsers do allow you to expand the image, which may work fine and is easier to do, than use an imaging program.

Note:   Both the .GIF and the .PDF schematics have the corrected instrument cluster wiring diagram (some old BMW literature is wrong).  Note also that sometime in 1976, the wiring changed again, in some minor areas.

Just below this first sketch is a large .bmp version.

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Copyright 2020, R. Fleischer

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