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Parts Coding Symbols ...
as used on BMW Motorcycle Parts Lists

Copyright 2020, R. Fleischer

BMW parts lists sometimes have codes. You may find these codes on microfiche, the SNABBKATALOG, and elsewhere's.  They are generally not in use for on-line fiche, which sometimes have explanations, but more often not.  BMW dealerships have the information.

A:    May be exchanged with parts number in next line.

alle:  Part used in all associated models; and any notes apply to all.

E/A (or) e/a:    Obsolete, use part in next line.

E:    No longer available

->FG (an arrow, before an FG):    Applicable to all years up to and including...

FG-> (an arrow, after an FG):    applicable to years AFTER.

*    Asterisk may be used before the FG characters, means the same as an arrow before FG.

*    Asterisk may be used after the FG characters, means the same as an arrow after FG.

FG:   Fahrgestell or "chassis" .

FG-Nr and Fg-Nr: :   Change as/at of Chassis Number xxxxxxx.

H:    Rear.

Hg:    Main group.

i.V.m.:   Only together with....

i:     Information.

N:   Refers to a note ...usually available by clicking or pressing N in fiche CD's.

n.p.z:   Only suitable for ....

s:   Special equipment.

SI:   Service Information, usually available by clicking or pressing S.

V:    Front.

ww:    Alternatively.

W:   Part number can be used with neighboring (previous or following) part number that also is marked W.

z:   Accessories

Z:   Mutually interchangeable (various codes and digits may be included to identify retrofit, NOT retrofittable, or, 'in conjunction with' ...what follows.

+ :   Part valid for U.S.A. and all other countries models.

-      Part NOT valid for U.S.A.  May be used with quotation characters.

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Copyright 2020, R. Fleischer

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