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oilhead section of website, article O11

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Not a lot here yet!

1.  If a R1100 (up to mid-1995 production change) has its turn signals staying on when you first turn the ignition key off, & the turn signals probably not flashing, replace turn signal relay with 61-31-2-306-101.

2.  Bushing that the throttle butterfly valve rides on will wear.  You will get a clicking sound from the butterfly valve, especially when the bike is idling.   Can usually be ignored ...until performance suffers.

3.  After the initial few years of production, later Oilheads had a better design for the throttle cable system. The throttle system can be updated to the inverted Y type.

4.  Surging was a problem on early Oilheads.  Rob Lentini, devised an adjusting method fix called 'Zero equals zero'. I think the information is available on   Some have found additional help by using Autolite 3923 sparkplugs.

5.  Transmissions had some early problems.  If your transmission has a problem, take it to a specialist, such as Tom Cutter. A proper rebuild is better than taking a chance on a new transmission from BMW.

6.  The left side cam chain tensioner is a sore point, that, not fixed, can lead to disaster!  I have an article on this Death Rattle".   To find that listing, which has a lot of information, including a video and another reference, go here:, and scan way down to item O8.  Tom Cutter has the parts for the left side cam chain tensioner upgrade.  Contact him, see his website,   You may also be interested in the article in this website:
The article will be clickable on the left side under Cam Chain Tensioner Swap

7.  Check the final drive for play developing ...wiggle the back wheel to look for FD play.

8.  Avoid using over-wattage headlight lamps may melt the lens, etc.

9.  Saddlebags like to fall off the bike. Devise something, even a strap.


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