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Airhead Instruments:
G/S, GS, ST, R45, R65, R80R, R100R.

For all other Airheads, see
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BMW used different colored dials, markings, pointers, and plastic colors of indicator lights, depending on model & year. There have been some anomalies, that may not agree with the below information.  See the NOTES section too.


1.  For additional and greatly expanded information on odometer and speedometer colors, instrument "W" factors used with various rear drives, etc.:

2.  Website for how to open-up and do some repairs in your instrument:   Find the article under AirLore, Technical Tips.

3.  Be aware that BMW production calendar year identified motorcycles could have been manufactured from 1 September of the prior year, August 31, of the calendar year the motorcycle is identified as.    There are anomalies to this, seen now and then.


New article, and initial release, possibly with errors: 

Copyright 2020, R. Fleischer

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