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As on BMW Classic K-bikes K1, K75, K100, K1100, and partially K1200

Copyright 2020, R. Fleischer

The K bike fuel pumps are very expensive if purchased from BMW.  You can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing them from  Prices will be ~1/2 that of BMW.  The old K100, etc., uses the 37 mm pump, and a foam adapter from them. The later pump is 43 mm, and they also have a foam adaptor for them.  They also sell the vibration dampeners, etc.

You might be interested in even less cost pump installations ...and with a bit of work, you can install other types.

No matter if replacing a pump with the BMW-sold one, or other pumps, you may want to read the article on this website about fuel pump noise and failure of the pump to be able to use all the fuel in the tank.  That is, you will seem to run out of fuel while there is still a considerable amount of fuel in the fuel tank. covers it fully.

When removing the old pump, be careful with the expensive rubber vibration mounting ring, etc.

Substitute fuel pumps:

(1) Purolator FEP2042  (Facet-Purolator).  This pump was used on 1991-1993 Ford Escort, 1985-1995 Ford Taurus, 1988-1994 Lincoln Continental, 1986-1995 Mercury Sable, 1991-1993 Mercury Tracer.

When removing the old pump from your K bike be careful with the plastic clips at front and rear of the mounting ring ...but you do not need to unfasten the 8 nuts on the ring.  Be very careful of the $$$ rubber vibration mounting ring as you remove the old pump.

The diameter of this substitute pump is smaller than the stock pump, which is typical for the various aftermarket pumps ...but, if purchasing from Euromotoelectrics, you likely will not have that problem.  For this Purolator FEP2042, you can cut some of the submersible hose that comes with the pump, just a bit less than full diameter.  Use this as a spacer to wedge the pump into the vibration dampening ring, using a nylon zip tie through it.  Pump comes with a pre-filter, fold it a bit and attach it to the pump bottom, so it fits in the stock fuel pump 'pocket'.   Be sure the new pump fits into the clips ...they pop into place.  The nozzle is a bit bigger, but the hose will fit; install the original clamp on the hose BEFORE installing the hose.

Cut the ring terminals off the wires, add bare, no plastic, female connectors.  The black wire goes to the narrower terminal on the pump, the yellow wire to the wider terminal.

You might also see a violet wire, if so, it goes to the + large terminal (big tab), a gray wire is - , this is the small tab.

(2) Carter fuel pump model P74095.  This pump uses the same number at NAPA.  For illustrated information on installing it, see:

For both pumps, above, read this 'failure' install:

The stock pump was made by Bosch, and the Bosch number is 0 580 463 999.   The BMW number is 16-12-1-461-576.  Don't use hyphens if using on-line fiche and finding by part number.  Napa may list their part as:  2P74095.   Advance Auto Parts may have it under E-2042.  If you need some gas hose to fabricate some shimming, try Napa 1030.

MY suggestion if you need a pump:  Get the pump, etc., from ...the prices are good, and you won't need to do much fiddling.

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