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Section 1:  19 inch FRONT Snowflake Wheel Recall
(for BMW Airhead motorcycles ONLY)

copyright, 2013, R. Fleischer
article 54, section 1, 19inchrecall.htm

19 inch FRONT CAST ALUMINUM Snowflake wheels were recalled.
NOT 18 inch front wheels.  NOT 18 inch rear wheels.
Recall ONLY for AIRHEADS 19 inch front wheels.

Now and then I still hear of an old recalled wheel that is still in service.   There was a BMW factory recall on the FRONT 19" cast snowflake wheels, and only those!  Supposedly a U.S. Federal Recall Campaign never goes out of date.   The RECALL is world-wide, and there are specific recall campaigns in various countries. 

A good time to do this wheel exchange is right away if you are super safety conscious, or at tire replacement time if you are not overly concerned.   The wheels were recalled due to some hairline cracks appearing in the hub when the wheels were subjected to rather severe use. 

The USA Federal Recall is #84V-092

The original BMW bulletins are: 36-022-84 (2117); and, 36-023-84 (2123).

The 36-022-84 specifically notes USA and Canada.

The recalled wheels could be from model years 1977 well into 1983. Because sometimes wheels from various years can be found on other year bikes, DO CHECK YOURS.

The following chart is directly from BMW's 36-022-84 (2117) page.

EVEN IF your bike is NOT in this list it could be affected!  CHECK your wheel!  READ this ENTIRE ARTICLE!

The chart below is from BMW.  DO NOT DEPEND ON IT...CHECK YOUR WHEELS!


I have confirmed that this recall is in other countries.   For example, in Australia, the defect code is 00 00360 800; the SI covering the recall is 87/01 (002) of July 1987

The 'good' wheels have support ribs between each main spoke and the hub at the hub area.  By support ribs I mean that of the 8 MAIN SPOKES, from approximately the point where the X ribs intersect those main spokes (about half way out to the rim from the center, very roughly), to the hub, the main spokes are slightly widened in their mid a duckfoot other words, they are broadened at the center thickness, but not as thick as the spoke itself.   The web that was added is more or less shaped like a U, if one includes the portion of the hub they are connected to.   This is all VERY easy to see at a quick glance.

Wheels with other numbers of main spokes have been reported....that is, both 8 and 10 spoke wheels have been recalled; but see the photos.... as only those withOUT the webbing at the hub are Recalled!

There is a manufacturing date code stamped into the side of a 'spokes crossover point'.  IF the date code is 9/82 or before, AND,  there are no support ribs, then see your BMW dealer for a new tube, new bearings, seals, ...and a new wheel!   The dealer is paid in full by BMW for all this, and demounting your old tire and remounting it onto your new wheel, is included, as is balancing. 

NOTE:  There can be two types of stampings in the crossover areas.  The one you should be  looking for is in normal Arabic numerals...there are NO Roman characters...if yours is stamped with Roman characters, find the other stamping.

*****VERY!! IMPORTANT!!.....BMW has been shipping the replacement wheels without bearing grease, or minimally greased, usually only oil if anything.  This is on the bearings inside the wheel.   Be absolutely SURE that the dealer DOES DO a preload test (done on oiled bearings, seals removed), adjusting the shimming if needed.  The dealership should then clean off the oil, grease the bearings, install new seals, clean the rim, install your tire, and balance the tire/wheel. ALL OF THIS IS COVERED BY THE RECALL.  NOTE that a really qualified mechanic can adjust preload by feel, but it is really much better to measure it.   I have an article on how that is done.   click for that article here:  section4.htm
NOTE!!!....BMW's specifications for preload is, in my opinion, TOO HIGH...
read the article!!


There is NO cost for labor or parts...except if your tire is worn out, the dealer will NOT give you a new tire, but in any case you DO get a new tube.  NOTE:  IF you have the nut on the valve stem screwed down to the rim, it does NOT belong in that should be missing; or, up against the cap.

The replacement silver wheel is #36-31-1-238-959; and the replacement gold wheel is #36-31-1-238-960


NOTE:  AFAIK BMW honors this recall no matter where you are, where the bike was sold, no matter who owns it, is a free new wheel, etc....courtesy of BMW.


BELOW is the updated replacement wheel


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copyright, 2013, R. Fleischer

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