Electronics Repairs BUSINESS FOR SALE!
(well, at least the business assets)


History of the company, etc:
See https://FleischerElectronicsService.com






Photos above show some of my test equipment, some of my workbenches, part of the storage building where I keep small parts such as transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, etc., shelves for customer items, and some of my branded parts.

WHY selling?

Very few folks now do repair work on old electronics, and few work on audio equipment of any age.....and I have specialized in those areas.  I also do work on modern electronics, of course.   For a very long time now I've been swamped with work, with a goodly backlog (Wait List).  I'm working too much, trying to get caught up.  It's getting to be too much for me.  Even though I've cut down my hours, I still work too much.  I'm 86 y.o.; and, considering my health status (recurrence of prostate cancer under treatment... and some heart problems ...I have a Pacemaker), it's long past time that I should have sold and retired.  I'm not going to be around forever.  

After I moved from South Lake Tahoe (where this business was located 1972 to 2019), to Carson City in late 2019, I expected to be close to retiring....I never expected my new 'hobby' garage-shop would be this busy. I had expected to just do a few repair jobs every month, perhaps enough to pay for utilities, and keep me out of my wife's hair.  In other words, I planned for a 'Hobby Business'.    It has become rather a lot more than that.

NOTE that I have NO local...or even near local... competition!!

I wish to sell the business...or, at least, sell all the tools, all the parts and all the test/repair equipment, etc.  

I am busy doing repairs.  I have to use a WaitList, mostly due to a lack of customer item storage space; but, it has worked out quite well.  I typically get more caught-up on my WaitList backlog...until Spring....after which the WaitList gets longer, until maybe Labor Day, then it starts decreasing as I, again, start working longer hours in order to get more caught-up.  I've never gotten caught up since I moved to Carson City, about 4 years ago. 

If you are knowledgeable, experienced, and want to work part time or full time, this may be for you.  You could continue doing it out of your own garage, full or part me; or, move to a store-front location.   Once established, and depending on what you want to work on, you may need to consider having another technician besides yourself, because there is a LOT of work available.  I've had to turn down a lot of business, particularly large heavy items.  If you added TV service, you are likely going to be overwhelmed without at least second person.

You will need $10K-18K, depending on what you take, and if you need my help in establishing and running your new business.  If not sold, I will likely just close up the shop when my health deteriorates too much. My guess is that my health will force me to stop working, in mid 2025.  Best for me is to sell...to a serious wannabe technician, or tech retiree, or someone with the interest, and some decent background in electronics repairs.   I may end up having to contact electronics or other schools, etc., to find someone with serious get-up-and-go-itis.  

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing the business assets: test equipment, parts, customer files, etc etc.  EVERYthing could be included.  Some training, if you need it, could be included.  Contact me if you know of someone who may be interested.  If I sell to that person, there will be a VERY decent finder's fee.

What could be included?

Basically everything...VERY large quantity of parts, all the test equipment, all the office equipment, VERY extensive repair tools, machinery; all my service files....a filing cabinet of service manuals, diagrams/schematics, etc....etc. You will also get all my computer files.  I will sign a non-competition contract if you'd want that.
Note that I also have a VERY extensive set of tools in both SAE and Metric, that I used in my long-gone BMW motorcycle business, all those tools could be included, even the rollaways, etc.  There are a lot of tools...and electronics test gear items ...that I don't have in the photos.

I have a rather massive amount of electronics parts, test equipment, etc.

I am well-established on the Internet, search engines usually show my shop as #1; and that is for a very large area, not just locally.  I am also well-established by word-of-mouth.  I have not had to use paid advertising in a very long time, something over 30 years.  I have a top-notch reputation for workmanship, solid warranty, and very friendly service.  I receive telephone calls every week for TV repair (even though my website, and my Google and Yelp listings specifically say I don't work on TV's)....all of which I turn down....I prefer audio, but TV repair is something you could do, if you wanted-to; I did initially, when I moved to Lake Tahoe a lifetime ago.  One thing that should be done to increase exposure and increase business; if you want more business!, is to improve the business website:  https://FleischerElectronicsService.com   It's still a bit primitive, although it attracts a lot of business.  SEO optimization would be all that is necessary.  I've been doing a bit of this now and then.

I will help you get set-up; and, if you so desire, as a warranty station for a number of audio brands.  Since I moved from Lake Tahoe to Carson City, I stopped doing manufacturer warranty work; I kept some manufacturer accounts though, and still COULD do certain famous brands warranty work, but I don't want to show this to anyone publicly.  I presently am using the accounts for parts purchases, but ...to make this clear....warranty work can be done.

You can work as little, or as much, as you desire....and, ...you can set your own pricing schedule, even well-above my present rates, and increased rates WILL be accepted by the public.


Robert (aka Bob, aka Snowbum) Fleischer
(775) 461-3530

Last update:   Friday, April 05, 2024