Electronics Repairs BUSINESS FOR SALE!
(well, at least the business assets)


History of the company, etc:
See https://FleischerElectronicsService.com






Photos above show some of my test equipment, part of my workbench, the storage building where I keep small parts such as transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, etc., shelves for customer items, and some of my branded parts.

WHY selling?

Very few folks now do repair work on older equipment, and I have specialized in that area, although I do work on modern electronics.   I seem to be constantly swamped with work, with a goodly backlog (Wait List).  It's getting to be too much for me.  I've cut down my hours, but I still work too much.  I'm 84 y.o., and, considering my health status, it's long past time that I should have sold and retired.  I'm not going to be around for more than maybe another two years.   After I moved from Lake Tahoe, where this business was located since 1972, to Carson City, in 2019, and rebuilt the shop, I expected to be close to retiring....I never expected my new garage-shop would be this busy.  Rather, I had expected to just do a few repair jobs every month, which would pay for the utilities, and keep me out of my wife's hair...so-to-speak.  In other words, I planned for a 'Hobby Business'.    It has gotten rather more than that, to say the least.

I want to sell this business...or, at least, sell all the parts and equipment, etc.   I am trying to get caught up on my backlog and Wait List, which continues to be added-to, so I can more easily sell or close.  If you are  knowledgeable/experienced, and want to work part time (or even full time), this may be for you.  You could continue doing it out of your own garage, full or part time; or, move to a store-front location.   Once established, you may need another technician, besides yourself, because there is a LOT of work available out there.

I've greatly reduced the price, so you will only need $10K for everything (and there is a whole LOT of 'everything').  If not sold, I will likely close up shop in 2023, or earlier if my health deteriorates too much. Best, now, for me, is to sell...to a serious wannabe technician, or tech retiree, or someone with the interest, and some goodly background.   I may end up have to contact electronics or other schools, etc., to find someone with serious get-up-and-go-itis.  

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing the business assets: test equipment, parts, customer files, etc etc.  EVERYthing is included.  Some training, if you need it, could be included.  Contact me if you know of someone who may be interested.  If I sell to that person, there will be a decent finder's fee.

What's included?

Basically everything...VERY large quantity of parts, all the test equipment, all the office equipment, VERY extensive repair tools, machinery; all my service files....a filing cabinet of service manuals, diagrams/schematics, etc....etc.  I will sign a non-competition contract if you'd want that.
Note that I also have a VERY extensive set of tools in both SAE and Metric, that I used in my long-gone BMW bike business, all those tools could be included, at quite reasonable cost......even the rollaways, etc.  There are a lot of items (VERY!) that I don't have in the photos.


I moved this business into my garage, when I moved from So. Lake Tahoe, to Carson City, Nevada, near the end of 2019.  I'd been doing electronic repairs at S. Lake Tahoe since 1972.  Since the move, I have been up to my ears in work.  I'm too darn old to work full days anymore, have more work available than I can handle comfortably, and am only slowly, now, with extra effort, getting caught up on my backlog (I have a long Wait List).....I may or may not be able to catch up to a week or two turnaround, by 2022.

I have a rather massive amount of electronics parts, test equipment, etc.

I am well-established on the Internet, usually search engines show my shop as #1; and that is for a very large area, not just locally.  I am well-established by word-of-mouth. YOU WILL NOT NEED TO PAY FOR ADVERTISING.  I have not had to use paid advertising in a very long time, maybe around 25 years.  I have a top-notch reputation for workmanship, solid warranty, and friendly service.  I do get many telephone calls every week for TV repair (even though my website, and my Google and Yelp listings specifically say I don't work on TV's)....all of which I turn down....I prefer audio, but TV repair is something you could do, if you wanted-to; I did initially, when I moved to Lake Tahoe a lifetime ago.

I will help you get set-up, if you so desire, as a warranty station for a number of audio brands.  Since I moved from Lake Tahoe to Carson City, I dropped doing all manufacturer warranty work; I kept some accounts though, using the account for parts purchases, but warranty work can be done, I'm still set up for that.

You can work as little, or as much, as you desire....and, ...you can easily set your own pricing schedule, above my present rates, and that WILL be accepted by the public.


Robert (aka Bob, aka Snowbum) Fleischer
(775) 461-3530