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Experiments in Gravity and Time Distortion
Copyright 2018, R. Fleischer

I wrote this short story a very long time ago. It was published in two different science-fiction magazines; one much shortened, the other nearly as you see here.  I consider it a rather poor bit of early writing on my part. But, I did a number of them under my pen names, and got paid!  The story here is the longer version, ...and still needs editing.

It was the last day of the General Scientific Conference for year 2241.  Today was major seminars.  Perhaps the reason all of the other seminar rooms were empty and dark was this particular scheduled seminar Garfield and Lefkinson ...entitled "Experiments in Gravity and Time Distortion."  Registrations for this seminar had vastly exceeded expectations; the seminar had been moved to the auditorium. Expectations were high, talk rampant. It was standing-room only, and even the Media was represented.

Garfield was a world-wide household name, surpassing that of even Einstein from long ago.  It was Garfield who had put forth the General Theory of Gravity in 2205, when he was only 24 years old, which was proven by demonstration in 2223.  Experiments in anti-gravity followed shortly and soon there were commercially useful machines available, both small and large.     

Dr. Lefkinson was even more famous for his experiments in amplified anti-gravity devices which would enable the final development of the oft-promised world's predominant power source, hydrogen fusion.

To have both of these distinguished scientists on the same seminar was of huge interest, although the media Press did not understand his theory very well.  Lefkinson had believed, and published in 2218, that time and speed of light were not always absolutes at any one place, nor, especially and particularly, absolutely the same upon direction reversal, particularly by reflected light.  Lefkinson's ideas, let alone his mathematics, all wildly used by Science Fiction writers, had yet to be fully proven...or...disproven.  But, the man was of intense interest to all, not the least being because the world was being run more and more by hydrogen fusion electric generators.  Lefkinson's theories pointed towards multiple Universes and Multiple time effects. Lefkinson theories, pro, con, and anything in between, were often THE talk of scientists in many fields of endeavor.    Even before 2218, Dr. Lefkinson had been widely regarded as 'THE MODERN EINSTEIN'.  The general public, if they had heard of Lefkinson-theory at all, probably dismissed him ...and those in his field crazy.   But, an ion-powered-probe, sent into deep space in 2227, seemed to provide proof of one of his theories.  Lefkinson was not just a mathematic theorist, but was a hands-on-guy, who was often responsible for proving many of Garfields theories.   For some years now, they had collaborated on many things.  In some scientific circles, their proper names were not even used ....everyone understood what "L & G" meant.

But, it was not the intellect, nor the already proposed theories, nor the accomplishments of gravity control, etc., that had prompted the large numbers of prominent scientists.   It was rumored that Garfield and Lefkinson were collaborating on something momentous; what, exactly, they had not revealed yet.

On a table at the front of the seminar room was a small anti-grav laser-powered apparatus but with a complex array of what seemed to be small dichroic mirrors.  There were complicated-looking electronic controls, and what appeared to be a computer.  There was also a small square clear glass container containing a live mouse that seemed interested in the audience no less than the audience was interested in it.  Close to the mouse, but not in the mouse's container, was a chicken's egg, being kept warm by a small heating unit.  Another container, very much larger, was empty.  Lefkinson and Garfield explained, simply, what the audience easily saw.

Less than an hour into the seminar, amid a very upset audience, some of whom loudly said things like: "IMPOSSIBLE, YOU ARE WRONG!".... the apparatus was powered.  As the power was increased the egg and the mouse seemed to shimmer.   As the power was further increased, one began to simply fade out, as the other appeared brighter.  The effect oscillated smoothly, slowly, back and forth. The speed of the effect was changeable by moving the distance between the two items and adjustment of the mirrors.  The two learned speaker's invited a member of the audience to touch the mouse or the egg with a glass rod when it was in faded mode, and when normal.  This created a huge gasp from the packed audience, which was totally astonished to see the glass rod pass seemingly through, unimpeded, first the mouse, and then the egg, when they were at their dimmest.  The apparatus was shut down, and the mouse was easily seen as being just as active and alive as before.

The Doctor's admitted that they had only a theory, no proof yet, of why any of this was possible.  Their theory, much simplified by me here, and certainly not accepted by many in the audience, was that the objects had their existence transformed, and at the dimmest, each was partly out of phase with the audience's reality and time that existed in that room, in that world, in that universe, at that 'moment'....if moments actually existed in pure reality.    Lefkinson then explained his latest theory of time dilution and reversal. THAT was NOT AT ALL accepted by much of the audience.  Lefkinson said he had two more experiments to show them, one of which they had only thought of the previous night, and had not yet tested.

The apparatus was powered again, adjustments made, and as the audience watched, the shimmering effect began again, then faded.....but this time, the mouse and egg exchanged places.  The mouse was quite alive.  This created quite a response from the audience.

In the final demonstration,  a small X-ray machine was brought to the table.  An X-ray was taken of the egg, displayed on the large screen behind the table, and it was quite clear that it would not be long before the chicken would hatch.  As the main apparatus was again powered, they announced a very large increase in applied power would be done.  The mouse and its container was first removed from the apparatus.   That left just the egg on its warming pad, and the large empty container.  As the power was increased the egg was seen to shimmer, and then it totally disappeared.  The power was then reduced to a very low level, but enough to keep the apparatus synchronized (my words, interpreting what was said), and members of the audience were invited to check the egg container.  The power was then increased massively.  Absolutely NOTHING happened.  After several minutes, a strange shimmering light was seen in the large container.   In short order a hatchling, very much alive, appeared in it.   The audience was in an uproar, some claiming it was just old-fashioned magicians showing off, some intrigued, some making all sorts of seemingly wild guesses at what they had just witnessed. The apparatus was reversed, the chick disappeared. The power was increased mightily. A full grown chicken appeared.   The shouting, etc., from the audience was palpable.

Asking for quiet, Lefkinson and Garfield jointly announced that they had only preliminary ideas about what was happening, but were already constructing a very much larger and more powerful apparatus, capable of using human volunteers, and expected to be experimenting and possibly proving or disproving their theories in the near future  ......and a full report would be forthcoming after such testing.

With that announcement, the seminar ended.

It was scarcely five months later when the large scale human experiments were conducted with a distance of about 6 feet between items.   Tests began with two volunteer humans.  Nothing particularly unusual was noted, or reported, during these first low power experiments .....EXCEPT, that the two subjects reported that from THEIR standpoints, the OTHER seemed to fade in and out, and NOT them, and, very importantly, with slightly increased power, they said that that the OTHER's fading was NOT in synchronization with THEIR perceived surroundings outside of the experimental apparatus area ....which faded in and out.  This seemed to be some sort of proof of some of the theories that Garfield and Lefkinson were trying to solidify.  I have read the published report, and must admit I did NOT understand it.

Drs. Garfield and Lefkinson discussed these experiments at great length.  They repeated the experiments with several prominent scientists from various disciplines present, instructing the subjects to try to walk to and contact the other subject.  The subjects tried also, but from THEIR viewpoint, they never reached their counterpart, but from the audience's viewpoint, the subjects walked through each other.   THIS effect created enormous discussions of every sort, even ridiculous types of which turned out to be not so ridiculous ....but, I am ahead of myself here ....all I will say at this point that discussions were off-the-wall following these experiments.  Comments went so far as even to include such things as The Mobius Time Paradox; a hypothesis from nearly 90 years previously, which had never been tested, as no one had figured out a way to test for it.

By the time a year had passed, there had been no further insights, no provable conclusions, even with a much improved apparatus. The Government had, as expected, finally interfered, refusing to let them experiment at increasingly higher powers with more live humans.

Many great minds were working on various theories and problems, both with the two Doctor's, and separately too, since Garfield and Lefkinson, as promised, had made the actual design of their apparatus available.   No one had anything more than theories.  No substantial progress was being made in the various world-wide laboratories.   Other Country's were offering to let human experiments begin.  Suddenly, it seemed, OUR government decided that it would be best (the Military had some input, it was believed) that the experiments would be allowed and would be done here.

Some of the experiments yielded strange results, and further experiments with very high power apparatus were postponed.

Eventually, another substantial seminar was announced.  The idea was to bring the best minds together, with their various apparatus versions, to try to find solutions.  Almost hourly reports were being made from this Seminar, by both pundits and 'news' reporters....which kept the public spellbound with their own ideas, let alone the theories, suppositions & experiments,  .....not the least of which were promises of time and interstellar travel, multiple universes, ...and most anything else someone could dream up.  Nothing of substantial importance was found in the many speeches, etc., during that long day.

In honor of Garfield and Lefkinson (they were the honorary evening banquet speakers), .....they  had brought their newest high power equipment.  The did a brief demonstration of its lower power level improvements; then dinner was served.  They could control distance, time-effects, and other things, much better than with their earlier apparatus. But, they still could not explain several 'strange' effects.  It was found to be almost impossible to measure anything, as the measurements were not stable at any time the machine was energized to any substantial amount. No one could explain AND prove the phenomena of the egg and the chicken, or the effect on humans.  This experiment had been repeated throughout the World by many scientists, with very mixed results, depending on the particular apparatus design ....sometimes the egg returned as an egg, or a chicken, or never returned, no one tried to make the humans totally disappear.

After a sumptuous dinner, and in an unusual move, the two asked for suggestions from the audience.   There were only a few wild ones, mostly they were suggestions to view THEIR apparatus ...but, when questioned, they had nothing much to report.

Seated at a rear table, alone, was a young East-Indian man, Ambarish was his name, who had once made news as a genius of some sort. He had graduated with a degree in advanced physics and mathematics at the age of 16.  He had said nothing at the first Seminar, and had only published a few minor barely noteworthy papers, since he had, at age 22, spoken about seemingly wild theories about existence itself, and, being booed, had made no public appearances until this new Seminar.

A final call for comments and suggestions was made.   Ambarish stood up, and simply said:  "Have you tried focusing the mirrors from all the various apparatus to one point, and to reflect back upon itself?"  He briefly explained his amplifying theory.  After much heated discussion amongst others, with Ambarish himself hardly being noticed, a decision was made to modify the various apparatus such that the two subjects could have their images focused precisely at a single point.

One of the prominent scientists brought out a golf ball from his pocket.  So, the focus point was to be a simple golf ball. The apparatus was powered-up at a low power level, and the mirrors images were focused.  The power was slowly raised.  Nothing unusual happened, there was the usual shimmering, and the golf ball dissapeared.    There was loud talk of "He (Ambarish) is WRONG ...AGAIN!"   Ambarish stood up again, loudly requesting that the remote controls be given TO HIM. There were cries to shut Ambarish up, Ambarish the crazy, the outsider, the unaccepted. Most probably assumed that nothing would change, and that would shut up Ambarish The Crazy, forever. But, was done....after all, nothing was expected to change.

As all watched, Ambarish did his own focusing, and suddenly raised the power level monstrously to maximum on all the various apparatus, to a level no one dared use previously, certainly not with multiple focused machines. As the power level increased automatically to maximum limits, Ambarish stepped into the energy field. He disappeared. The power continued to rise, automatically.

Suddenly an all-encompassing-everywhere white light appeared .... of unbelievable brightness.  The brightness level was beyond anything ever seen by anyone.

But, no one saw it.  The all encompassing light had an unbelievable amount of energy, hardly imagined by anyone at any time ....except by those whose careers were involved with The Big Bang and other such things.

But, no one in our solar system, or for quite some distance beyond, saw the light.

Gravity and anti-gravity; mass and anti-mass, ....all cancelled each other in a release of unimaginable energy.

To an outsider, if such was possible, and it was not would have looked like everything had disappeared into total impossibly bright WHITE, for a very short while.


There was NOTHING.    .....Absolute NOTHINGNESS.

To those at the dinner banquet Seminar, they no longer existed, nor did their molecules, nor did their atoms, or parts of atoms. Nothing in their space, their time, their Earth, their Solar System.....etc.  ALL was GONE! ....except for the light that had dissipated into that nothingness ...and, now, a darkness, so dark, so all encompassing, so very NOTHING.

NO earth, no Solar System, No Light, ....nothing.  Time and anti-time, in reverse, had cancelled each other.

Seemingly out of nothingness, out of the nothingness that was not material, nor of time nor substance ....came one sub-atomic particle, then two ....and time began as they moved in relationship to each other, but by what force or means? Various sub-atomic particles appeared and multiplied by exponential factors.  Time itself, having begun, began to stabilize.  Hydrogen gas formed; Oxygen appeared; Water appeared, ..... followed, eventually, by other elements appearing, and natural elements were again in existence, representative of the old Periodic Table.  Space formed.  Suns, planets and moons and primordial soup and life appeared.  So did Black Holes and other phenomena.

Some space matter formed into planets.

Time did not exist, or, rather, it was not seen, not experienced, as there was no one to experience it.

On some of the planets, various forms of plant and eventually animal life appeared.

Garfield was born.  A bit later, Lefkinson was born. They were born on a planet that was identical to the one the original versions of them had been born into.  Of course, no one was around to document that.  History was about to repeat itself, in every which way.

At a very considerable distance, interstellar-wise, Amarish was enjoying HIS Earth, HIS solar system.

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Copyright 2018, R. Fleischer

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