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Sidecar groups on the Internet
Copyright, 2012, R. Fleischer
NO traffic in some years now.  Was mostly for sidecar issues and associated politics.
ACTIVE, 11/14/2016
generally very quiet, but occasional postings.    United Sidecar Association website; links to Hal Kendall's free books...etc.   
There is a Flexit article on my website:  CLICK
A fun group, has/had a yearly Rally, more or less is part of USCA,
very quiet now. Link still good 11/14/2016.
Central USA USCA chapter.  Basically no traffic here since 2014.
Western USA USCA chapter;  URL good 11/14/2016; very small amount of traffic, but still active.
Irregular traffic but still active, 11/14/2016.
link good, and group IS active,  11/14/2016
Active group, checked 11/14/2016  HIGH performance road-going sidecars.
Active group, checked 11/14/2016   Source for information
on S-TEP classes, and adventure touring in the NorthWest U.S.   Quite active, 11/14/2016

I seldom check to see if any or all of the above links are still operational.  When I do check any of them (I don't check the entire list on any one date), I often put a date and maybe a note.   Any links that are actually dead, are removed, when I find such.

10/14/2012:  Add QR code, add language button, update Google Ad-Sense code
sometime in 2013, the language button was removed due to problems
03/28/2016:  Update meta codes. Wee bit of checking links.
11/14/2016:  Update metas, scripts, layout, check many links.

copyright 2012, R. Fleischer

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