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Side-stand problems & complaints.
Picking up a downed-dropped
motorcycle properly.

Copyright 2013, R. Fleischer

Side-stand complaints:

Complaints/comments about side-stands are widespread, & hardly just for BMW's.  Complaints about bending, hard to deploy, not enough angle, too much angle, automatic retraction, not automatic retraction ...and lots more.  For BMW Airheads, many install other side-stands ...there is a whole article on various side-stands & center-stands, with photos, on this website: That article covers many more makes and models than the URL would seem to indicate. As with many aftermarket products, sometimes they cause other problems.  See the article for details.

When I had my BMW shop, I would get complaints now and then, and many a time we would get requests to check the customer's bike for the sidestand, pivot, etc., to be sure they were in good condition, and sometimes we were asked to modify side-stands for a customer or install aftermarket side-stands ...and some center-stands were also modified, some aftermarket ones too.   THINK, carefully, before modifying either, or adding aftermarket products.  Very lengthy 'threads' are in the archives of the Airheads LIST.

Extending/enlarging the base/footprint of the side-stand is commonly done.  I have done quite a few of those, AND, sometimes modifying the base for a rear-wards facing and long 'boot grabber'. Sometimes all that is needed is to weld or otherwise make a tang for your boot, at other times something more elaborate was done.

Be very cautious about getting on & off the bike. If you have a short inseam, like I do, try to NOT put any side weight on the bike ...that will tend to wear the bushing & bend the stand, etc. DO NOT sit on the bike while it is on the side-stand. Be sure the stand extends fully & stops extending where it should. Some bike models, such as some K bikes, have a cable or linkage for mechanical retraction when the clutch lever is pulled in & it is best to lean the bike a bit, or more, to the right, before pulling in the clutch.  Others have a side-stand operated switch, or even both, so be sure the mechanisms are properly adjusted.

If the stand and bushing, retraction, switch, ...etc., are OK, there are numerous ways of improving side-stand operation. Extending the stand, increasing footprint area in a way that affords more resistance against sinking-into-tarmac-and-sand, etc.     Modifying the seat so it is narrow enough at the front area so you can get your foot down better is often done, as is modifying riding boots.

DO NOT modify the suspension to make the bike sit lower.  That will open a can of worms for the center stand AND handling.

Dropped your bike?  Bike fell over?
If you drop the bike, or it fell over, getting it back up is, or can be, fun and games. "Skert" used to demonstrate a very good technique at many rallies.  First, below, is a video of a guy demonstrating how to do it it his way.
February 18 and 19, 2017:   It displayed, and seconds later changed to another site.  ...and is high-jacked.  Leaving it here only because it might be recovered in the future.  Use at your own risk.

Here is some information, from SKERT, that in some ways is better than the above:

Here is SKERT's own site:

I suggest that you watch the video, and visit both of those other two sites.

Do, however, check the side-stand bushings, & check the stand for being straight, and check the holes in the stand, etc.

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Copyright 2013, R. Fleischer

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