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Unique Jewelry Item For Sale >>>OR TRADE
Copyright 2017, R. Fleischer

This large & heavy piece of Neck Jewelry is a Chinese Dragon. The Chinese Year of the Dragon is on a 12 year cycle.  The Dragon, to the Chinese, represents omnipotence, wealth & power, flamboyancy, attractiveness, vitality.  People born in a Year of the Dragon are said to be gifted with power & luck; honest, sensitive, soft-hearted, brave, & have much self-confidence.

This very unique, custom-made one-of-a-kind piece has been in my possession for decades.  Rather heavy (mostly gold), this Dragon pendant, has a special ruby 'tongue', rubies in the nostrils, a .1 ct diamond in an eye, also has 34 other diamonds VVS2 to VVS1.   The total weight of all diamonds is 1.36 cts.  A full & complete appraisal can be scanned & e-mailed to you.... I have all the specifications that I can e-mail to someone who is really interested, & not just curious.

Pendant weight is ~45 dwt.

All of the dragon's claws have a diamond of good quality.  If the dragon gold portion (2.25 Troy ounces) was melted down (awful idea!) & converted to 24 ct gold, there would be about 1.3+ ounces of pure 24 ct gold.  You can find the present price of gold at:

The tongue is a custom ruby, is are the nostrils.

I will entertain offers of at least $20,000. 

This Dragon was originally a thin gold dragon shell, with a few diamonds & nostril rubies....all designed & beautifully made by a craftsman in the Virgin Islands, from whom I purchased it.  It was immediately taken by me to Bob Lindner, a very fine internationally-known jewelry craftsman.  The shell was completely filled with gold & many diamonds & rubies added ...all this by this exact same person (Bob Lindner himself), who made most of Liberace's fancy jewelry.  INCLUDED is the original paperwork from The Jewelry Factory (Bob Lindner, owner).

Here are the conversion factors for precious metals, in case you do not know:
dwt means pennyweights
39 dwt is 1.5 troy ounces
20 dwt is 1 troy ounce
14K gold is 58.5% pure gold

The dragon itself is about 2 inches by 2-1/2 inches, maybe a bit more:  approximately 66 x 54 mm.

This piece is thick and HEAVY.
You really need to see this in person, as it is quite spectacular.
If you don't have a strong ego & attitude, this is not for you!

Robert (Bob) Fleischer, aka Snowbum

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Copyright, 2017, R. Fleischer

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