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I have written technical articles for various BMW magazines, etc., since the early 1970's.  I was a troubleshooter for BMW on the West Coast, and chief tech and head of the shop at a BMW dealership; later I had my own BMW shop.  I am a life member of BMWMOA.   I joined the Airheads Beemer Club in 1996, and have been a Member ever since.   I have written quite a number of tech articles.  When E-mail became available with the beginning of the Internet, I wrote articles for the website and for various monthly magazines, etc.  I participate on E-mailing TechLists, as well as some others, including one for BMW K bikes and one for EML sidecars, and three Airheads Facebook groups .....but my primary daily involvement is on the Airheads LIST.  I joined "THE" free E-mailing LIST for the Airheads a very long time ago.  I spend a lot of time every month answering questions on these various sources.
You may join, for free, the Airheads List, here:

But...if you desire advice directly to you from me, privately; on:

I used to AVERAGE over 130 hours per month answering inquiries.   I also was running several businesses and trying to earn a living, have a good relationship with my wife, etc.  A motorcycle ride, particularly a tour, became more and more problematical.  In the last half-dozen years or so, I have discouraged direct inquiries; preferring that inquirers/requesters ask on the Airheads LIST, where advice from me, and others is free, and, in particular, the advice benefits vastly more than just one person!  I hoped that my policy would reduce my on-line E-mail time.  BTW:  The Airheads LIST is a vastly better venue than Facebook Airhead groups.

I still receive direct inquiries, but considerably less.  NOTE that I receive reports from Google regarding the clicking on the Google-provided advertisements at the top of my pages.  I KNOW how many look at my pages, including which pages, for how long, etc...., and I know how many do not bother to click on the advertisements, which gives me a few pennies...but DOES add-up.    The VAST majority of look-see do NOT click on advertisements.  You may make your own conclusions.  My donating page explains what I do with the money....and a lot more information.

There was a particularly nasty instance that occurred on 05/24/2017, when someone was VERY unhappy that I would not look at his numerous photos he sent (without prior correspondence of any time, certainly not any request), analyze a situation, and then answer him directly.   I did direct him to the Airheads LIST,.... nicely!  After three E-mails with this person, in which he called me all sorts of names, etc., including bashing me for 'being selfish' ....well, it did not make for a nice day for me.   I immediately discussed this situation with my wife ......and, I initially took her advice to start charging for private consulations....but I have modified what I originally had in that/this article The latest change is that I no longer am listing the page you are now reading, and have modified this page some. That means that if you see this page it is by accident; or, you have contacted me for a personal BMW motorcycle technical question, and you don't want to pose your question to the Airheads LIST; which means I must take the time for one, or multiple, E-mails to/from you. You are, then, asking for a professional consultation.  In such a situation, it is no longer free (Unless I decide to do that, which I reserve the right to do).

Originally, this article, which was SEEN to be clickable from the website, announced that I would start charging for direct inquiry technical questions and answers.   The money, if there ever was any, would be spent to take my wife out for a nice evening.  I hoped my direct inquiries would dwindle to near zero.  As of 27 January, 2017, as I update this far, ... I have not received even one paid direct inquiry, but have done three for free.  That is GREAT! the whole idea was to STOP or at least greatly reduce these incessant direct inquiries. That has happened!   You may draw your own conclusions about my requesting payment for personal attention.

I will continue to offer FREE advice on such as the Airheads LIST, etc. ...where answers can benefit more than one person.  For those that insist on private messages, I may send you this, or I may even answer for free.

If you are responding/inquiring about something very personal, such as about my Prostate Cancer article,, then you are NOT in the Direct Inquiry group, and I would never even think about charging!

SO:  There may be instances where I do not charge for direct inquiries.  Don't depend on it!  I can get grumpy too!

1.  If  you want a personal technical analysis/reply/whatever (about BMW Motorcycles), you may send me an E-mail, requesting such.   In that first E-mail, you should explain your inquiry clearly, including for what model and year of BMW motorcycle, any pertinent modifications and history, etc., that you know about.  It would be a good idea to furnish me the VIN number of the motorcycle frame and engine.

2.  The exchange of E-mails will be private between you and me, unless you specifically give me permission to post the details onto such as the Airheads mailing list (where it may benefit many others).  If such permission is given, I will withhold/remove any identification of your name, your e-address, and any other easily identification that it was you making the inquiry.

3.  Upon receiving your initial E-mail inquiry, I will respond via E-mail, and quote you a price for my best attempt at answering your question(s).  Sending me an exceptionally long list of questions will raise my quoted price. The minimum Consulting Fee, when I charge for it, will be $35.00.    There will be no refunds.

The Consulting Fee will be payable via PayPal ONLY,  via the normal PayPal process to my E-address, which is located INSIDE a photo:
I MAY consider allowing postal money orders in the future.
Answers will be furnished upon PalPal notifying me the money has been cleared and deposited into my PayPal account.

Keep in mind that I 'hang out' mostly at the Airheads mailing list, and inquiries and answers from me, and others, are FREE there!  Join at:


Copyright 2018, R. Fleischer

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