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(about BMW Airhead Motorcycles, ONLY)

Copyright 2017, R. Fleischer


I have written technical articles for various BMW magazines, etc., since the mid-1970's.  I was a troubleshooter for BMW on the West Coast, and chief tech and head of the shop at a BMW dealership.  I am a life member of BMWMOA.   I joined the Airheads Beemer Club in 1996, and have been a Member ever since.   I have written quite a number of tech articles.   Later when E-mail became available with the beginning of the Internet, I wrote articles for the website and for various monthly magazines, ETC.  Some of my stuff is on the  I participate on their E-mailing TechList, as well as some others, but my primary daily involvement is on the Airheads LIST:
I joined "THE" free E-mailing LIST for the Airheads a very long time ago.  You may join here:
I, Snowbum, hang out mostly on that Airheads LIST, where membership, inquiries, and answers, have always been FREE!  However, I also participate on 3 Airheads Facebook groups, and some Yahoo groups, even K bike and sidecar groups.

But...if you desire advice directly to you from me, on:

I have been quite active on all of these venues.
I have received many hundreds of direct inquiries, initially by letters;.... and, with the Internet, ....came E-mail, and I get a huge amount of it.  I started the website that you are reading this on, a LONG time ago. Win XP had just become available back then.  I charged NOTHING, ZERO, for any of my writings, EXCEPT that I was paid by two different all-brands motorcycles magazines to write an occasional technical article (and, participate in some motorcycle testing and as a technical consultant).  It is now rare that I would write for those magazines, it is too time-consuming; but I do have a bit of fun when I can involve myself with their motorcycle testing.  I still write, for free, for BMW-centric publications.

There have been a few generous scattered donations for my own website, that you are reading this on.  I use that quite modest amount of money to enable testing of all sorts of products.   For those, I thank you.  Those that donate do NOT get preferential treatment.

Up until a few years ago (when I changed my policies) I averaged between 40 and 160 hours per month answering inquiries.   I also was running several businesses and trying to earn a living, have a good relationship with my wife, ETC.  A motorcycle ride became more and more problematical.  Over these many years, it became more and more of a burden to write so many direct E-mails, and spend so much time at it.  In the last half-dozen years or so, I have discouraged direct inquiries, and preferred that inquirers/requesters ask on the Airheads LIST, where advice from me, and others' is free, and, in particular, the advice benefits more than just one person!  I hoped this newer policy of mine would eventually reduce my on-line E-mail time.  BTW:  The Airheads LIST is a VASTLY much better venue than Facebook groups.

I had hoped that my website, the website of others, the website, and Oak's tech columns (R.I.P, Oak) in the monthly magazine AIRMAIL (publication of the ABC) and other venues available, would reduce the number of hours I spent each month answering direct inquiries.  That did happen, but I still get quite a few direct inquiries. 

At times, there were so many inquiries, directly to me, that I simply clicked delete.  That was unusual, however.

The Last Straw, so-to-speak, was a particularly nasty instance occurred on 05/24/2017, when someone was VERY unhappy that I would not look at his numerous photos he sent, analyze a situation, and then answer him directly.   I did direct him to the Airheads LIST,.... nicely!  After three E-mails with this person, in which he called me all sorts of names, etc., including bashing me for 'being selfish'....well, it did not make for a nice day for me.    I immediately discussed this situation with my wife...... and I have taken her advice.

I have started charging for direct inquiry answers.    If folks insist on direct answers, they will pay for them.   The money, if there ever is any, will be spent to take my wife out to dinner.  I hope my direct inquiries to dwindle to near zero. 

NOTE that I will continue to offer FREE advice on such as the Airheads LIST, etc....where answers can benefit more than one person.

IF you are responding about something very personal, such as about my Prostate Cancer article,, then you are NOT in the Direct Inquiry group, and I would never even think about charging for a conversation with you.    

1.  If  you want a personal technical analysis/reply/whatever (about BMW Airhead Motorcycles), you may send me an E-mail, requesting such.   In that first E-mail, you should explain your inquiry clearly, including for what model and year of BMW motorcycle, any pertinent modifications and history, etc., that you know about. It would be a good idea to furnish me the VIN number of the motorcycle frame and engine. 

2. The exchange of E-mails will be private between you and me, unless you specifically give me permission to post the details onto such as the Airheads mailing list (where it may benefit many others).  If such permission is given, I will withhold/remove any identification of your name, your e-address, and any other easily identification that it was you making the inquiry. 
There may be instances where there will be NO CHARGE. I reserve that right.

3. Upon receiving your initial E-mail inquiry, I will respond via E-mail, and quote you a price for my best attempt at answering your question(s).  Sending me an exceptionally long list of questions will raise my quoted price.
The minimum Consulting Fee will be $35.00.    There will be no refunds.

The Consulting Fee will be payable via PayPal ONLY, payable via the normal PayPal process to my E-address, which is located INSIDE a photo:
I MAY consider allowing postal money orders in the future.
Answers will be furnished upon PalPal notifying me the money has been cleared and deposited into my PayPal account.

Keep in mind that I 'hang out' mostly at the Airheads@micapeak site, and inquiries and answers from me, and others, are FREE there!



Copyright, 2017, R. Fleischer

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