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Internet Communities. Posting/Editing to Mailing Lists, etc.
BMW Motorcycle People.

Conventional wisdom is that when you first join an internet-based group, it is best to listen in on the conversations for up to as long as a couple of weeks before YOU begin contributing.  This is known as "lurking" or "monitoring".  This is legitimate and approved eavesdropping, where you can observe the interactions between regular contributors and get a feel for those who post regularly and not-so-regularly.   Jumping in too quickly might expose you to some rather strong personalities.   Monitoring group traffic for a while before posting will likely enable you to avoid, or at least understand, possible uncomfortable responses to your posting(s).  You will quickly be able to determine who has real knowledge, who are the real experts, who is having a bad day (grumpy, cynical, curmudgeonly...etc.).

Just below is information that may be of help to you when working with the Airheads Mailing List (also called the Airlist) ...which is  Information may apply to other LISTS.  Some of this information was on the original listproc mailing software before's change to the Mailman software in 2006, and may not be on the present Micapeak site.  There used to be information about standardized bottom posting, and trimming, particularly in the Digest mode.
Want to join?

Airheads List (sometimes called the Airlist) Agreement:
"This mailing list was created through the efforts of the Airheads Beemer Club and it is hoped that everyone who joins the list will also join the Club. The purpose of the Airlist is to celebrate ownership of the BMW Boxers with Type 247 or earlier engines through fellowship, good cheer, and camaraderie by sharing Boxer technical info, product finds and reviews, questions, short-stories, trip reports, event and gathering info, and other riding and boxer related topics. It is not for spamming, flame wars, personal exchanges, etc...

This list is intended to be a high content, low noise, and friendly place to post. Please read a few messages before posting so you get a feel for how it works. Only post messages that can benefit the group as a whole as opposed to just speaking to an individual. Please don't post idle chatter. If you have a message that only affects a few people then send it privately.

Flame Wars, Name Calling, as well as deliberate postings of offlist private email and messages highly critical of other members will not be tolerated on the Airlist. When you post a message to the Airlist, we ask that you sign your post with at least part of your real name, include your general locality, and your Airhead number if you have one.

When you reply to a message, reply after your quoted material and QUOTE JUST ENOUGH of the original post so that others can understand what you are talking about. TRIM OFF THE REST! Please do NOT insert 2 lines of reply above 100 lines of quoted material; this only irritates the rest of the readers.

Replying AFTER quoted material (called BOTTOM POSTING), instead of replying BEFORE quoted material (called TOP POSTING), comes from the earliest days of E-mail, and is not universally true anymore. 

Don't include photos or attachments; nor use your computer's Quoted Printable option, nor colors, odd fonts or other fancy features. Only text is allowed.  Anything other than PLAIN TEXT will be rejected by the Micapeak servers.
There is a 100Kb limit on message size.

Do NOT fail to snip/edit, this is particularly important when using the DIGEST mode.   Nothing tends to annoy Members more than receiving a message that contains all of the day's digest, plus your added text.  SNIP/EDIT, leave only enough of prior message to identify the message and some content.  MANY Members of Lists (I count myself in this group!), upon seeing a hugely-long posted Digest, will NOT look for YOUR message inside that mess ...but will PRESS DELETE!    I ...and others ...may/will chastise you for poor editing.  A repeat may have most folks IGNORING YOU.  A further repeat will probably result in your being placed 'on moderation'; or, banned, the the bad behavior continues.

Not all that proficient on editing E-mails?  Want to know how to do it better? Want to know about special keyboard characters, ETC. ?

WHO are BMW People?

BMW people, if I might be allowed to generalize and stereotype for a moment, tend to be intelligent, pragmatic, thinking individuals.  In approaching modifications (that add visible goodies, and are often called "Mod's" or  "Farkles"), BMW folks tend to be guided by concerns over actual measureable gains, comfort, and/or safety aspects.  Typically, as a group (there are exceptions of course), BMW folks don't buy the Loud Pipes Save Lives argument.  You'll find mostly stock exhaust systems on BMW motorcycles.  With some exceptions, we, for safety, tend towards "All The Gear, All The Time (ATGATT)".

BMW riders tend to ride a LOT; there are people in the BMW community who routinely log 30,000 to 50,000 miles per year, and there are people who have garnered the Million Mile award ...and at least one person is approaching TWO million miles on BMW bikes.  There are plenty of BMW's running around with upwards of 300,000 miles on them, and more than a few with double that.

I have over 650K total BMW miles myself.

BMW riders tend to be individuals; tend to avoid riding in packs or in parade formation; tend to be safety-conscious; pursue advanced rider training; tend to avoid riding impaired. 

Many BMW riders venture far off the beaten path, visiting and often camping in the great outdoors.  Many have done around-the-world trips.

Many also only put a few thousand miles on every year.

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