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Krauser 4 valve cylinder heads & pistons
Aftermarket items, BMW Airheads Motorcycles

Copyright 2015, R. Fleischer

This is a collection of scans of original Krauser information.  Plus a link to a Facebook Group.  I some time in the future...add commentary to this article about installing and using these heads.

Krauser Facebook group:

Installation manual, on-line format.  If not a dropbox member it may ask you to sign in or join.  Usually, after a few moments, that drops away and the manual appears. 4V Manual.pdf?dl=0

There is a fair amount of Krauser company products literature here:

1st. released:  0608 pcst, 05/31/2015
02/08/2016:  Add dropbox link, obtained from Airheads list this day
03/06/2016:  Metatags and layout
08/18/2016:  Metas, H.L., a small amount of layout change, clean up html some.

Copyright 2015, R. Fleischer

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