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Kawai Piano For Sale

>>>Due to my failing health, and eventual move to a 55+ community, I am having to sell my piano; unless, by any good chance, there is room for it in our upcoming home.<<<

This Grand Piano is for those appreciating a high quality exquisitely-cared-for artist's instrument.   This high quality piano is Kawai's Model GE-1; Serial # 1909644.   This fine instrument was made in Japan (NOT Indonesia).  It has a Dampp-Chaser humidifier that I added; and, comes with piano bench and even a quilted full-sized piano cover.  I have extra pads for the Dampp-Chaser, and chemical from the same company to treat the distilled water one uses to keep the proper humidity in the piano.  The black finish is in truly pristine condition.  There are no scratches, bump-marks, or any other blemishes.  The felts, hammers, etc., are in excellent condition, as is the soundboard, etc.   The piano was regulated/adjusted and would only need a light tuning after being moved.   There are NO known problems.    This piano's touch, timbre, etc., is superb ...and better than my previous piano, a Model L Steinway.    Sorry about the reflections in the photo, but is best I could do without professional lighting equipment.   This is my personal piano; which I knew I could not take with me when we planned our move to Oregon.  It may be possible to keep the piano, depending on what home we move to in Carson City, NV.  I might accept a quality full size keyboard or electronic piano, in trade (It must have a headphone output jack, to enable me to play it without annoying nearby neighbors, and must have touch-sensitive keys).  Call us for an appointment to see and play this fine artist's instrument.  (530) 541-1610.  The special discounted price to you is $4500 (ask any quality piano sales company what they want for a piano like this in this type of condition).   I can recommend a mover.  This fine instrument is one to play and pass down to the next generation. I will consider paying a $500 finders fee!

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